Thursday, September 29, 2011

In Chicago-

I am doing one of those under the covers in the dark typing things. My roomie Lynda is sleeping and as I am on west coast time it is not as late for me as it is for her. Tonight was fun. I met some people :) yup understating it just a tad!!

10 of us had dinner at Frontera. The company was awesome the food..hmm I am a harsh critic but Rick Bayless's customer service will not earn him a culinary star from me). Thankfully I found that I am not allergic to tequila after all. If you remember way back a couple of years when had a run in with a big old glass of cheap margarita..well I had to Tequila mojitos tonight and was just fine (albeit a little tipsy). When I asked for a Mojito with vodka in it the waiter said we could only order drinks off the menu..that is just plain old weird. The waiter said they had no vodka but then on the menu was a vodka filled drink. I am not sure what the delio was but customer service should be great. Now having said that the food was good and the prices were really good too so..he only gets dinged for the drinks :)

After dinner we walked back to the Walgreens and several of the 'BOOBS' bought false eyelashes to wear to the female impersonator show tonight. Lynda and I opted out of the drag show and walked around town and did a little window shopping and a little Chicago architecture spotting. There are some amazing looking buildings here from the mid 20's with lovely carvings and rooftops.

I have taken a few pics but you will have to wait...they are on my phone and I am too sleepy to mess with them.



Lap Band Gal said...

See you tomorrow! :)

Cece said...

sounds like fun ... keep posting !

Rachel said...

OMG I LOVE LA FRONTERA!!! When I was there two years ago, Rick was in the kitchen!! Enjoy the awesome-ness of the Boob weekend!!