Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I want to Sleep....but the back to school thing is kinda good.

I am having one heck of a time sleeping again. I am trying to still work out if it is a caffeine issue, my Prozac or what. I fell asleep last night quite nicely but then woke David up with my twitching. Apparently my feet and shoulders were jerking about. I then could not go back asleep trying to work out why I am twitching so much.

I had this problem once before-it was after having Meghan. I had a c-section and they put Morphine in my epidural. I ended up allergic to the Morphine and broke out in hives. I was then given benadryl to counter the hives and discover I was allergic to makes me twitch and robs me of sleep. I did not realize this was the problem at the time. I just thought it was post birth hormonal weirdness but then 6 years later my lovely daughters gave me chicken pox and I medicated with the benadryl again...and again I had twitching and sleep issues.

So...I am beginning to wonder if I have not developed some allergy to my meds or coffee? Of course I should go to the doctor but I am not sure she will be any more help in figuring the thing out. Maybe it is time for a little web search eh?

On another note-even though I am not sleeping I kind of like this getting up and getting to work routine. It is now 3 and I have gotten a lot accomplished. Yesterday was at work and I was back home for the school bus. Today I went to a meeting in Salem and then came home and had a rapid house clean whirling through the kitchen, mopping, doing some laundry and then picking up and vacuuming in the living room. Before bed tonight I am hoping to get some paperwork done (in this organized clean area of the house) and make some progress on my messy room.

Foodwise I am in a and cheese and orange juice have become my mainstays and I am frankly getting sick of them. Today for lunch I had a bowl of blueberries and a bit of cream. I have also had a handful of cashews. (Don't worry I had my coffee for breakfast). I am going to attempt to skip the afternoon coffee today and eat a really good dinner (chicken and vegetables) to see if that doesn't help with the twitchy twitchy.

UPDATE: no sooner had I hit publish and I got the answer to my sleeplessness issues from my lovely training to a be a nurse daughter. She is studying mental health this term and is knee deep in the identification and side effects of drugs. I told her about my issue and she asked me (get a mental picture of me physically puffing up with motherly pride here)...she asked me-what time of the day are you taking your meds? My response-dinner. Well duh mom your prozac or commonly known as fluexetine pills are made to hamper selective serotonin re-uptake. One of the main side effects is insomnia. You need to take those pills in the morning mom. I then discussed with her how I am tight in the morning and she said will have to take them. When I was in the surgeons office for my yearly check in he suggested I open the capsule. I still don't know if that is OK or not but I guess it is time to do some investigating. My little nurse daughter said I would have to go to a higher power to get the answer to that one (more pride in that she knows her limits).



Darlin1 said...

I hope that works for doesn't seem like you are eating much protein....


Cece said...

Ew-gads ! I cannot function if I don't sleep so I applaud your just being able to function. Hopefully you will figure this out soon !

TheManInTheChair said...

That wasn't just chicken and vegetables. That was Thomas Keller's 'mon poulet roti' recipe.

With added butter of course.

Justine said...

Let's hope your daughter has figured it out for you, then you can swell up with pride even more! (hope pride doesn't weigh too much though...)