Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Sunday

I love weekends.


Four more days until I go. Wahooo. I had a manicure today in preparation. My toenails were still looking fine. I still have no clue what to pack. I guess I will decide Wednesday night.

MONDAY: I get to sub for a class. I love teaching and miss it this term.

BANDEROO: My band is just fine again. Silly thing. I dropped down to 161 again and promptly was starving hungry. I guess I will carry on floating at this level of tightness. It is hardly worth getting more of a fill to drop below 160 although I had a moment on the scale last night when it read 159. It was quite thrilling but when I got on the scale a second time it said 164 (this was with my clothes on). I got on a third and it still read 164 so I think I had some weird balance thing.

This morning I was at 162 again so my hungries followed be eaties did the trick and my low of 161 went away.

SATURDAY NIGHT OUT: Grace spent the night at a friends and David and I lured my aunt from my uncles beside at the hospital to have dinner with us. We visited him before and after of course. We zipped over to the Pearl District and found a yummy place to eat dinner that was relatively inexpensive (for swanky anyway). David had Megage et gras (three different hours d devours made with foie gras). They were yummy as I tasted each. My aunt and I shared duck fat fried french fries with mayonnaise. David had Pork Belly with spinach while my aunt and I shared a porcini crusted halibut with blueberry compote and greens. It was all very good and I was soo grateful that we were both interested in the same meal and could share. David ordered a cheese plate with figs while my aunt and I shared a peach creme brûlée. The dessert wasn't very good really. They burnt that topping and the peach was a touch strong (tasted like they poured in some peach liquor. Everything else was delicious though.

THE REST OF TODAY: Nichole is finishing her move down to the dorms. We are going to help her finish cleaning out her apartment. Most is going to the charity shop but we will store some and take some down to her new place.



film Girl said...

Have a great week!

Cece said...

'the eaties' ... I love it !

DiZneDiVa said...

I can't wait to see you! 4 Days!