Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So did I tell you I procrastinate? suitcase is still packed from my San Francisco trip. I have worn some stuff out of it so it is not fit to just zip and put back on the plane. I don't know what to pack? I think I am going for layers and long sleeved tshirts. Shoes? hair dryer? makeup? jewelry? eek...I also will not be work free damn it all. My report will have to be uploaded on September 30th (what day is that anyway? :))...Can I do it from a bar?

I popped in to see my uncle yesterday. He is doing much better but still in ICU. Keep thinking good thoughts for him.



Ronnie said...

The 30th is Friday, and I'm sure we could work in a bar. :)

I'm packing a trench coat and whatever I wear here. I ain't buyin'/wearin' sweaters until I absolutely have to.

Sandy Lee said...

The rooms have hair dryers so you can leave that out. Layers are the way to go. See ya soon!

Justine said...

If not a bar, then definitely Starbucks... Good news about your uncle.
See you TOMORROW!!!

Cece said...

Hope that your uncle keeps trending to the better ... have a blast at BOOBS and take photos :)

Justine said...

Make sure you have room in your suitcase - I've just got hold of the November issue of 25 Beautiful Homes at the airport so I now have 3 issues for you (plus the Fruit & Nut and a little something for Grace)!