Monday, September 26, 2011

Glad This One is Almost Over

I sure wish I had Sunday back :)

-My uncle took a turn for the worse. I spent most of today in ICU with my aunt supporting both of them and hoping he gets better. Gallstones can be evil beasts and he is suffering the consequences of a stone gone rogue. With these things there is a lot of wait and see and monitor. We are waiting...seeing..and monitoring but everyone is tired and I am now feeling bad that I am skipping off to Chicago. Think good thoughts that he is really doing better before Thursday.

-I was a sub for a math class tonight. We had a grand time doing geometry. Well I had fun anyway..I think the students did.

-I have round two of the big report..(picture me making raspberry noises here). I have to stay up until I have version two in.

-I need a new bra. I need to find one (Maybe I will find some time in Chicago? cause it ain't happening this week).

-I would like to do the spa thing in Chicago (a facial sounds nice) but I am not sure if I have any empty days left? I know there is a walking tour in there, a meet and greet, a trip to Frank Lloyd wrights museum or something, Coffee...Cofeee...Coffee..Vodka...Vodka....Vodka...I hope I can get a last minute facial tucked in there somewhere.



Lynda said...

There wasn't much interest in the Frank Lloyd Wright don't worry about that. A facial does sound nice, doesn't it?

Ms. M said...

I know what you mean about Chicago when a loved one is sick. The whole time we were with my husband's family I would feel guilty every time the subject of Chicago came up. But, as my mother-in-law told me, regardless of what was happening there... at some point I would need a break so not to feel guilty about it. Thankfully, he is doing enough better we were able to come home and I will be able to enjoy myself (other than maybe being a little worn out). Praying your uncle will be better soon as well.

And bra shopping... I'd totally go with you for that. I am in desperate NEED, lol.

Lonicera said...

So sorry about your uncle Tina, I do hope things improve - for all your sakes. The kind of break you will all be having in Chicago is so beneficial to the soul - you come back refreshed and smiling. This was very evident in the blogs post Chicago last year.
Fingers crossed.

Amanda said...

I read at first that you were going to have to skip Chicago and I was going to be bummed!!

A girl after my own heart. Coffee and vodka!

Ronnie said...

I'm with you and Julie on the bra shopping, I need a gooood one.

Jacquie said...

I will keep your uncle in my prayers. See you soon!