Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Silly Me

Silly Me I wasn't tight this week I was freaking sick! who would had thought?? :) The tummy troubles moved onto the lower or downstream end of the pipes. I obviously have a bit of food poisoning. As I type I can feel whatever food and liquid stuff I have kept down rolling quickly through my intestines. It is funny eh? when I was a teenager I used to wish that I could skip a period because they were a pain. Then I reached child-bearing age and I always wished for one because that meant my birth control was doing its job. Now here I have a band and I am relieved that I have a tummy bug...kind of silly really.

Despite my tummy bug I have been out and about San Francisco and shopping away. Shopping at this size is so much fun! I know that I have now been this size for more than a few months but I am telling you it never gets old. I can physically feel in my bones all of the years where all of the shops along side me were not for me. I had to find the rare large size stores and focus my attention on shoe shopping. Well now..I can go into any shop and have been going into all of them! Before your start to worry that I have developed a shopping addiction to replace my food one (Well maybe a little :)). Regardless at each store there is a little part of me that pauses as I go in the door...that old memory is that strong.

I bought a fancy and expensive jacket at Desegal after Davids urging because he likes it too and I have had my eye on it since February. Then I went to Ross (a discount store) and communed with my new favorite man-Calvin. I purchased two of his dresses and a suit. The man has a tailored taste that I absolutely love. His clothes fit beautifully. The only down side is that in some cases his lack of size vanity means that I wear a 10 or 12 instead of the fake 8 that some stores allow me to wear. Best of all the dresses were under 30 dollars each and the suit was 50.

I also picked up some tummy controlling underwear a skirt, some yoga pants and a floating pretty purple dress that is likely to make its appearance at BOOBS unless of course I change my mind or find another dress between now and then.

Speaking of dresses. When I was big I could not wear them..I looked horrible i them. With big boobs and all of my weight in my midsection meant that any dress I wore just made me look bigger. Now..there is some shape under those drastically shrunken boobs. I can wear tailored dresses that hug my curves and with a little tummy holding (hopefully with a little extra help from my spanx) The skin I still carry around is hardly noticeable.

Tummy troubles be damned..shopping makes everything better :)


Darlin1 said...

Glad you worked out the details...can't wait to meet you and the new clothes ;-)

Amanda said...

well I am glad you aren't too tight but being sick while out of town is no good either! Feel better!

I will be Chicago. Who is your roommate?

Ronnie said...

Shopping does make everything better! Can't wait to see which dress makes the cut! :)