Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Band With a Bit of Spell Corrector and Panty Hose Rant

My band is a happy camper today. I was back down to 162 lbs this morning. I am still sticking to a much smaller Frappachino (just a grande this morning) but I got all three pills down with the thing and then went off to have a lunch meeting with a colleague. I had a southwest salad and even ate lettuce just fine. Yesterday must have totally been all night acid irritation.

Today I am not too tight and not too loose but pretty much just right with a small case of the tights (normal for me really).


I have a new macbook laptop. I got it because i needed a light laptop to carry in my purse but something with a bigger screen then the old mini's I had used for the past 4 years. The problem is that this %@@##$ computer fixes my typos. Before If I had a typo (and I have them often) If would just leave it alone and not turn the stupid thing in to some crazy ass word that made no sense with the sentence at hand. Now posting on here, posting on facebook and in my emails I say the stupidest things all because of a typo or two or three :). Before I look like a sloppy I just look like an illiterate person! sheesh!!!!!. By the way-I have had to correct about 5 words in this paragraph alone that this $@%$ computer has decided should be something totally bizarre and wrong. just so you know I had to come back even after the five typo fixes and do it again because of this $%#%$ laptop function. I have got to figure out how to turn it off. It is driving me batty.

Yesterday I felt the urge to wear some of my new offic-ee clothes into work. I was looking mighty fine in a Calvin dress, a long jacket, hose and my black boots with a pair of double helix earrings. Well fine that is until I ran my damned panty hose. I have complained about this before I know. I love the thigh highs for comfort but what has happened to panty hose? I don't remember having toe runs within the first 10 minutes of wearing before? Has anyone found a good brand? It seems like the things are disposable but not at a disposable price. I bought two pairs last week for 4.50 and 7.50 dollars each...that is not a one wear price tag!! I guess I need to start wearing tights? or are they any better?


It is a beautiful sunny day. I am sitting at my house and about to start back on draft two of the federal report I am charged with completing. I guess the day will be half nice :)



Rachel said...

Hey - I had the same problem with my mac - here is a link to help you switch the auto correction:


Ronnie said...

My Mac never corrects me, I think it knows I don't take criticism well. ;)

Glad the band-related tights are under control... but I dunno about the pantyhose. That's a bunch of bull!