Monday, September 5, 2011

Here We Go....

Grace is in bed and it is the eve before the first day of school. I am sitting and messing about on my computer but need to cut up a cant elope and mango to prep for her lunches this week.

We accomplished a lot today. Went through a few boxes in the garage and filled both our garbage can and recycling plus took a load to Goodwill. We have a very large storage unit that will have to be emptied in the upcoming month because the house we bought will just not hold it all. We were brutal today but I am not sure if we will manage to cut everything by 50% as is our plan. I have a feeling this is going to hurt a lot :)

After we did some sorting and cleaning in the garage we went to drop off a few things at storage and Goodwill. We stopped for an afternoon coffee and then ran Grace to get a quick haircut and pick up some last minute school supplies. We then returned home and all three of us cleaned her room. I do not know if it is just plain old bad parenting on my part or if she has some genetic messy gene but it is TORTURE getting that child to clean up after herself. We filled two laundry baskets with presumably dirty clothing (I highly doubt these were dirty but she didn't want to fold them so tossed them into the basket). I filled two bags of garbage. We cleaned under her bed and vacuumed up a bucket load of tiny little beads. We boxed up a load of books to donate to her new school and another stack to mail to her cousin.

While Grace and I packed up her backpack for tomorrow David created potential lunch menus for Grace and dinners for all of us next week. We then walked to the grocery store and did a shop plus ate dinner. We walked home with our groceries to drop them off and then took off on a mile or so walk. Grace rode her scooter while we did a walk around the neighborhood and through the building site that I took pictures of the other night.

We set the air conditioner up in Graces room to help her sleep an sent her off to bed. She has already been up three times with questions and excuses to get out of bed. I remember that sense of anticipation and fear mingled with excitement :) I hope she manages to get some sleep so she isn't grouchy tomorrow.

On the topic of weightloss-I got back down to 162 today (Phew)...I would like to hit 161 or even 160. I really like how my waist feels at this lower end (not nearly as much muffin top-is it muffin top or skin top? or even mushroom top?)

Happy end of Summer to you all :) I hope we keep the sunshine even though school is on.



Ronnie said...

At this point, skintop seems more appropriate for me! LOL

Hope Grace has a great first day. :)

Lonicera said...

I remember causing this sort of torture to my mother, and I'm still just as untidy (I deliberately bought a bed that had drawers so that there couldn't be an "under the bed"!). I don't like it or approve of it - but unfortunately I CAN live with it...

Lap Band Gal said...

Happy first day of school! :)