Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hangin With Some Mathy's

Tonight I worked all day. I got on the train at 7:05 am and then drove after a meeting and a bunch of day long paper shuffling-with a colleague-to the opening dinner for our state math teacher-teachers' association meeting (actually titled teachers of teachers of math). I was hoping to see some people I knew from around the state. There was no one I knew. It was interesting to see how different mathies are from science-ies. My current job is with the science-ies so I have been out of the math people loop for a while. They are different. Different speech patterns, different ways of communicating and this group at least is much more relaxed than the science people I know (my random group might not be typical)...A little stats joke thrown in there.

Anyway. I don't know if I fit in with either group. I am a nerd..but is it a mathy nerd? or a science-y one now? or perhaps I don't fit in either group anymore...argh :)

In either case I did meet some new people and they were very nice and it made me miss working at the community college again. I got home at 9pm.

OH...the pill thing:

I slept better last night. I took my pills this morning and I am definitely seepy tonight. I have to wait a bit because dinner is lumped in my tummy still..but...I think...I might...sleeeeeppp.

On a side any of you feel weirded out by people looking you in the eye and saying hello? like people I mean men...It never used to happen. People never used to look at me and if they did they looked away. It happened twice today. I find it discombobulating.

I have to be on the road at 6:30am tomorrow morning to carpool with a colleague into the conference. Wish me good sleeps please...



Shannon said...

Very good sleeps!!

I took that lunesta that my doc gave me and it didn't work the first night but last night it worked like a dream :)

Lynda said...

"my random group might not be typical"--I love it that you're such a dork! (I guess that makes me a dork, too, since I snorted when I read this). :)

Cece said...

I do not like 7am to 9pm days ... you're a better sport than I am :)