Friday, September 16, 2011

Home Again

Our week of childless fun is over.

We are home (and back to a comfortable bet). The one at the hotel was rock hard.

I had a great time and we did one of those bonding marriage kinds of things. Nice really-

I think I actually gained weight a little but I cannot be sure until the next few days when the water comes off and I do my morning nakey routine on the scale.

I have to work tomorrow :( I will launch out of my front door at 7:30 am while David and Grace get to lie in. sigh :)

Sunday we will help my oldest daughter and grandson start to move into the dorms. She was accepted into the PH.D. program as an assistant. My grandson is going to live in a dorm at the age of 3...I am not sure if this is a good thing a great thing or scary :)

I start a math class in two weeks. I need to get some work done for my job so I can concentrate on school in a balanced way. Goodness knows if this class will solve my ongoing mid-life career crisis but I will keep you posted when/if I figure it out.



Something About Kellie said...

There is nothing better than getting to sleep in your own bed! :)

Amanda said...

We never get a lay in anymore!! Sundays maybe! Have a good weekend!

Ronnie said...

I want a lay in! I think we all should on Saturday morning and have a big "we're not doing anything til 9:00 am" conference call party.

Ronnie said...

Err, at BOOBs anyway. LOL

Lyla said...

What math class are you taking?

I'm teaching stats for the first time in the Spring (I've taught components before in other classes, but not the full on class itself). I'm nervous, but excited.

Glad you had a great trip. I'm bummed I'm going to miss you in Chicago since I couldn't afford BOOBS this year, and you are one of the people I am MOST bummed about missing.