Monday, September 12, 2011

Even Too Tight for ME

Ok I like to wear my band on the tight side. I like it to help me keep my eating under control and keep me from creeping into the goodies. Well today and over the past few days the darn thing has been even too tight for my comfort. It is not that I am not keeping all my food down but more often than not it is my main and most nutritious meal of the day that seems to be coming back up or causing extreme discomfort going through the old pipes.

The weird thing is that my pills went down quite nicely today..the first one I didn't even feel..but tonight I felt tight so I was careful and ordered french onion soup for dinner. I had a bit of cheese out of it and some of the broth but left the mushy bread (it wasn't very good anyway) alone in the bowl. In all I managed three bites and I got the "is your soup all right" from the waiters and waitresses. I had a bite of Davids Fois Gras (not good either at the place we were at). So this is all coming to a head on the first night alone in San Francisco. After dinner I walked a bit an then shopped a bit (found a lovely coat at Desigal) and then we came back to the hotel. We sat in the bar. I ordered and did not drink a sangria (the food from dinner was just not clearing). I tried a couple of drinks and then carried my glass back to the room. Upon arrival I had to grab my trusty zip lock bag and immediately filled it with the drink and all of dinner. Even the stuff that had gone through my stoma. On a good note my stomach (the one on the bottom) can still hold plenty of food :) Thankfully that bag was gallon sized (haha).

I will see how I am in the morning but right now I am thinking I will need to track down someone to pull some fluid out of my band. Does anyone know a good doctor in the San Francisco area?

If things are this tight tomorrow I guess I can always call my surgeon and ask for a recommendation. I know he comes down here a lot for conferences.

On a good note-the dinner we chose was not good enough to feel any great loss of not being able to eat it.

I will see what tomorrow holds...and let you know.



Band Groupie said...

Hope today is better Tina and you don't have to spend your trip time at the Doc's! Feel better!

Amanda said...

hope today is better!! At least you are in a "bigger" area and finding a doc shouldn't be a problem!

Darlin1 said...

Wishing you all the best!

Amanda said...

AND in response to finding eachother in blog land...we are both married to brits, right??