Thursday, September 15, 2011

You Never Stop Learning

I figured some stuff out today-

I figure stuff out about my body and my head and this band when I really pay attention and slow my life down.

I really like this life I lead that allows me the occasional week to unwind and focus.

In the morning my stomach is flatter and during the day I swell up. My stomach pooches and my skin lumps become more noticeable. After I eat a semi big meal I get what my daughters and I call a 'food baby'. My stomach pooches up in a lump. Not so good when I am wearing body forming clothing. So the dilemma is do I only buy evening dresses after a meal to make sure I don't get so lumpy in the evenings that it looks bad orrrr Maybe rethink a tummy tuck? ;) Do you think that can be done before I go to Chicago?

I have been having some really painful deep shoulder pain. I finally figured out tonight that it is totally related to overeating. Big meal=shoulder pain. Crazzzzyyy. I was blaming my bike crash in December. Sleeping funny, lifting stuff...You name it and I blamed it. Now it is stinking too much food. duhhhh. I do not think that in all of the blogs and discussion forums I have read that no one has ever said that shoulder pain came up as a message that anyone had eaten enough. I obviously need to stop before the pain sets in-however it hits before any PB level. Hmmm...

On another note:

I did yarn shopping today. I left at my leisure. Had Coffee, Met David for lunch at the mall (really good food in SF at the mall). Went to a nifty yarn store in the Union Square area, Britex Fabric store and another yarn shop out in the Castro District.

David was done by this time and I changed my clothes (tonight I wore the suit slacks, a white shirt I got in June and my new Desagal jacket. We went to a small boutique hotel restaurant that served semi Italian/American food. It was really reasonably prices and VERY good. It was so good we of course over-ate (all of us) and thus I learned some new things about my band. DAvid and I were both somewhat uncomfortable after dinner and took a long walk Down Market and along the waterfront. After we had digested a bit we caught the tram back near our hotel. All in all this has been a great leisure (for me) and learning week.

One of the dresses I bought (Not Calvin) and my UK Shoes. The heel height is perfect but I do have some blisters. How does everyone take pictures of themselves in mirrors? Most of mine did not turn out at all. These were two acceptable ones but most made me look quite chunky and many were blurry.


Cece said...

I don't know how to take pics in the mirror but that dress looks great on you !

Lynda said...

You look amazing in that dress--and I am in love with your UK shoes!

Amanda said...

I love the dress and the shoes!! I have ones similar and I didn't wear them much last year~ Time to pull them out! We just bought our tickets to go to England for Christmas. I plan on shopping while I am there!

Anonymous said...

Oh no--shoulder pain is a huge sign with me. Always has been. Post surgery left should pain is common, and now, a small twinge is a stop sign for me and then if I ignore and keep eating I get that full blown feeling you refer to. something about a main nerve that runs from your stomach all tue way up thru the left shoulder and pressure on it.

Ronnie said...

Shoulder pain is a big indicator for me when I've eaten too much. Hate that one!

That's a fab dress and I love the shoes, too! :)

Sandy Lee said...

I've had the shoulder pain since I got the band. I do notice it worse now when I eat a bigger meal. Doesn't seem to stop me from putting more in my mouth. Love the dress, but also love your camera!

Something About Kellie said...

I get shoulder pain when I eat too much :( and I can't take a good mirror pic either - I just set the timer on my camera until one comes out looking alright!!!

PS love the shoes!