Saturday, September 17, 2011

Working Saturday

I worked it was fine but I still did not concentrate on what I was supposed to get done in the paperwork department. I feel as scatter brained as when I first had my children.

My uncle was moved to a hospital in Portland. He had a gallstone run amuck and it has caused problems with his other organs. He had dialysis today and seems to be making great improvement. I am trying to support my aunt and cousin. I spent this afternoon and evening up at the hospital.

My weight was up one pound this morning so some of the post traveling water has come off. More might..I am starving hungry today!! must be the ramp up to the tights to come! I am thinking I will have them during BOOBs...darn it all!

It is cold. I had to switch from my summer frappachino to a winter peppermint mocha today :(....I want my summer back.

I got to see my daughter's dorm room. She and my grandson will sleep in bunk beds and we are going to make his bottom bunk into a fort...I think he will like it. I was pleasantly surprised by the dorm room (not early as scary as I was worried about). I think he will be the only child in the building though.



Cece said...

"must be the ramp up to the tights" ... that made me LOL !! Tina, you have done so great and are so inspirational that I laugh in the face of that little pound ! Hope you have a great day !

Lyla said...

How old is your grandson? That could end up being a really great, unique experience for him even if there aren't any kids.

1 lb is nothin'- that will come off soon.

Rachel said...

Thank you for your sweet post. It was encouraging to hear that you reached goal after 3 years. My body has been a total mystery to me the last 5 years. Your post was so encouraging.

Ronnie said...

I want my summer back, too. I'm finally able to fit into all the cute dresses! lol

Also, I'm sorry about your uncle, I'll pray for a speedy recovery.

Something About Kellie said...

Sending my thoughts for your uncle and hoping all goes well.

As for your summer - you can't have it - it's my turn!!! We have had some amazing spring days lately and I am really looking forward to soaking up the summer sun after a long and gloomy winter :)