Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sunny Day Sweeping the Clouds Away

Friendly neighbors there thats where we meet..can you tell me how to get how to get to sesame street? :)

I worked today. It was fine. I was in a pleasant mood. The scale put me at 164 exactly (up a smudge of a pound from yesterday). My tummy is behaving itself (I can eat just enough). I cut back to two prozac a day (funny how you recognize a case of PMS after it is over eh?).

Today I have pictures of my neighborhood. This is what I get at the end of the max train ride home. Tomorrow I will snap a pic. of the max for you.

For your viewing pleasure:

The place I stop for breakfast each morning on my way to the train. and the cornerstone to this lovely new neighborhood I live in :) They seriously should pay me to advertise for them.

Brownstone houses on my walk to the grocery store to meet David and Grace. Ours will be up the road and around the corner.

David and Grace in the cheese aisle..Yum There were garlic cheese curds in that basket. I will treat them carefully from now on.

Our current rental house. It has its good points and bad. Great location but carpet that is driving me crazy and a very small kitchen.

Our soon to be new house. It looks just like those on Sesame street don't you think? It has a bigger kitchen and hardwood floors in the living spaces!! Just a tiny raised bed in the front and a flat roof I might be able to put a raised bed on. Even a place for a garbage can with Oscar the Grouch or a nest for Big Bird. Of course the neighbors would never allow it but it is fun to think about anyway.

Just outside our neighborhood is both a little bit of country (see the moon and grass). and a little bit of big construction. Intel is building a new fab. We went for a walk after dinner and David snapped this pictures.


Vanessa said...

I love your neighborhood! Especially your stoop ~ I have always wanted a stoop to hang out on! Good job rippin it up on the treadmill ~ an a hair appt is def a valid reason to skip exercise class!

Justine said...

OOO, I love the look of your new house - more Sex & the City than Sesame Street I think!

Ronnie said...

Both houses are beautiful, but I especially love the new one. :) I'm with Vanessa, I wanna chill on your stoop! LOL

Stephanie said...

It really does look like Sesame Street. You totally need to get an old school metal Trash Can. I used to always look in them for Oscar the Grouch and it drove my mother crazy that I was always looking in nasty trash cans.

Cece said...

Your daughter is a doll ! And, I think I'd like to live where you're living :) I love a brick brownstone ! Can't wait to see the inside !

Andrea said...

LOVE the new house!