Monday, January 31, 2011

Bunny's Dinner Stateside Style

Bunny at Weightloss expedition provided us with the recipe and pictures from her dinner. Well it just so happened that I had those ingredients sitting right in my refrigerator. I also had no plans for dinner so viola...I reran Bunny's dinner for mine. Well..really David cooked it. He came in and asked, "so what are you making me for dinner?" yupp..very cheeky given my normal women's lib attitude towards cooking for my man. Instead of my usual..bite me response I said...well I haven't started it yet cause I'm working but I know what we are having...and then directed him to Bunny's post.

He did a little fiddling with the recipe. We didn't have as much spinach as her recipe called for and we happened to have some herb butter in the fridge and a shallot laying around. We also had half a block of cream cheese. so...our dinner was:

10 slices of American style Pepper bacon cooked crispy.
4oz of cream cheese
6 cups or so of cooked rotini pasta (what we had laying in the cupboard)
one shallot
150 grams fresh spinach
1 1/2 small onions both the shallot were chopped and cooked until translucent in 2 T of herb butter (just salted butter with garlic, sage, parsley, basil, oregano and chives whipped into it and left in the fridge to be used as we like).
grated parm. cheese when served.

so melt the butter, cook the onions while waiting for water to boil. Broiled the bacon at the same time in the oven. dumped in the pasta to the boiling water. Chopped the spinach, threw it in with the onions and cheese just as the pasta was almost done. Dumped the pasta in quickly and added a bit more oregano. served on lunch or small sized plates followed by a quick grating of parm. cheese.

David's Serving size
My Serving Size

On a side note-yesterday a bought a pair of size SMALL yoga pants while we were shopping. They are a touch tight and I would have purchased the medium but they didn't have them in that size with a rolled waistband (I love yoga pants with tall waists). The beige long sleeved shirt is also a find from yesterday. It was an extra large from the Junior's department. the pants cost 12 bucks and the shirt 6.99.


CeeJay said...

OMG, you look so skinny! You need to update the pictures on your header, because none of the skinny ones do you justice. :) Looking awesome!

TheManInTheChair said...

Actually the onions were caramelized, which would normally take 45 minutes, but a small sprinkling of bicarbonate of sofa lifts the pH so the Maillard reaction goes much quicker and it's done in 10 minutes.

Alison said...

You're looking great, wish I could eat pasta, yours looks amazing!

Bunny said...

:-) I had butter & sage in there in there too!! Great minds. Your instructions were perfecto. How cool to both have the same dinner inside us!!

x bunny x

Bunny said...

oh and you look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lyla said...

First, I love your yoga look :)

Dinner looks great. I make a "sauceless" pasta (not since surgery, but it will show up again) that you might like: hot penne tossed with spinach, kalamata olives, a touch of olive oil, a touch of balsamic vinegar, and feta cheese. Sometimes I add chicken or diced fresh tomatoes. It is super fast and easy and really good.

Kajun Gumbo (Dee) said...

You look so skinny Tina!

Alison said...

Just saw your message re July. The middle ground between the 4 places is really London (its not really dead centre but its probably easiest for everyone to get to)
Bunny and I are on the same side of the country but a long way from you in Newport, travelling to London is easy enough for me(aslong as I have childcare/on the weekend)
Newport isn't a million miles from Bristol if Caroline can't make London.

Jacquie said...

That pasta sounds great and looks great on you Tina!!!

Annie said...

You look amazing!

Ronnie said...

You look AMAZING! And that pasta looks absolutely delectable! I might have to make some for myself tonight!!

amandakiska said...

Look at how cute you are!