Friday, January 28, 2011

Swelling Mystery not solved but treated

I saw the doctor today. She said that it is possible that my ankle swelling could come back (grrrrrrrr)...however after telling her all of the other issues (two period this month and other pre-period symptoms) she concluded that my ankle swelling was likely the result of evil estrogen. She fixed me up with a diuretic. I told her that I did not always get the quantity of water in that I should and did not want this diuretic to make the problem worse. She said that the particular drug she had chosen focused mainly on the badly located water not the water I would need (I don't know how but hey..if she says so) ;).

I got my pills at around 7. Took one and tadahh..I am a--peeing again. My ankle is still swollen a bit but better this evening from the last couple of days. In other related good scale read 167. If this water weighs enough I might actually recapture that goal weight that I popped away from over Christmas.

While in the office my doctor also checked my sore arm (poking the crap out of it actually) and wants me to go in for an xray. She thinks I might have damaged my radius in some way. I guess this will be a good excuse for my wimpiness over the last month but i am not sure that knowing that I broke it will be of much importance as It has already been a month and the healing I am sure has started.

My usual wonderful Friday was not to be today as Grace was home from school, I had the doctors appointment and then had to dash down to work for two meetings. The work meetings were on one hand good but on the other not so much. The first meeting was with my boss who talked about a bunch of stuff that I cannot put on here but he offered me extra hours for Spring term to teach an assessment and evaluation course (I do love to teach). This means that I will pop into full time benefit land and will get my medical and other benefits back (I sacrificed them when I quit my other job last Spring). The bad side is I have already committed to teach two classes at the community college. I believe this will pop me up to 1 and 1/2 full time (Probably not so wise). I will have to be super organized in order to keep sane I am sure. Thankfully the classes will be well timed, making the most of my time on either campus.

My second meeting followed. I got to work with my first advisee :) to help her get to work on her research project for her Master's degree. It was fun to dig into her data and help her figure out what she needed to do to analyze it for her final paper. It really highlights to me why i like to do my job..teaching and mentoring students. Tracking down data and sitting through meetings...not so much.

So..hopeful on the weightloss front., good and bad on the work front. and facing weekend...wahhooooooo :) Have a check at the previous post..I nominated a bunch of people with an award..



Sandy Lee said...

Hope the diuretic works. I do know when I used to take one, I would drop at least 5 pounds. Amazing the amount of water that is stored in and around cells. Keep an eye on the swelling and make sure they check everything out if it doesn't go away. Better to be proactive to get an answer. Getting full medical coverage is a good thing. And teachers, IMHO, are the stars in our world.

Lyla said...

Congrats on the extra class= extra benefits :) What does that make it for you, 5 classes or 6 classes? I don't think I could do it but I know others do it regularly.

Gen said...

I still take a diuretic for hypertension, and I am afraid to give it up! I hate feeling bloated, and like Sandy, if I don't take it I can put on 5 pounds overnight.