Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wow!! One pound from Goal in One Day!

Well I am sitting as a happy camper today! It is amazing the effect that a little (well ok maybe a lot) of water floating around in your cells can do. I am down to 165 this morning (yup after all of that one diuretic and whammo the weight comes off). More importantly I feel like myself again. It is weird how feeling out of sorts creeps up on you. It is also weird how impactful this water seems to have been on my band. Ok...first things first.

I have been peeing like crazy-I am also thirsty. I have not been thirsty or peeing for at least a couple of weeks now but with a band on board I just chalked it up to being tight...yada yada. Well This is a message to me that I am not just a girl with a band but there are other physcial ailments I can have that have nothing to do with the band. This hormone thing is a pain in the arse but apparently completely expected as a 46 year old person and there is really nothing to be done about it.

The creeping thing was odd. After Christmas I felt tired and blue but credited it to my poor eating, Winter blues and lack of exercise. Although I will not let any of those completely off the hook I think it was really this incroaching water retention. I felt a bit bloated in my tummy region but i said to myself..oh those 5 pounds are the result of your eating..that bloat is fat. I can tell you that as of this morning my clothes fit again so obviously only a little bit of it was cookie fat :) I have definitely learned that I need to evaluate how I feel a little more closely and quit falling back time and time again on the blame game we all play with ourselves. Again I was blaming myself for something physical (I think we girls get screwed with this hormone thing).

Ok..the water did something completely counter-intuitive with my band. I was actually hungry as heck and sometimes would be super tight while at others could sneak stuff past the band. I was even thinking about getting a fill. The problem with that thinking was I had wicked acid reflux at night because i was so hungry that I was compelled to eat at night (I did try in a not to successful way but the demons were really strong suckers). So i was worried i would completely mess things up with a fill. Well now that the water is gone my band is back to its expected behavior. I am perfectly restricted and my band is behaving as i have become accustomed. I can eat a reasonable amount and it stays in my pouch for a decent amount of time. I cannot fathom why being swelled up would loosen or make my band erratic and I wish some doctor could explain that one to me.

Perimenapause sucks...Did I say hormones enough in this post?

enough said.



Dinnerland said...

I hear you on hormone hell... mine has only just begun.
But so glad you're getting so close to goal!!

Gen said...

So glad you are feeling better! I have not yet experienced any of the hormone stuff (at 44) but I'm sure its on the menu soon.
One pound from goal is awesome!!!!

Libby said...

I'm right there with you sister. Perimenapause is kicking my ass too. Making figuring out this band that much more difficult.

Lonicera said...

Just pray you don't get mood swings as well - they're hideous. Great that you're feeling better, and thanks soooo much for nominating me for your award, and for your kind words. As soon as I finish with my latest 5-part story I'll feature it in a post.
Thanks again!

Lap Band Gal said...

wow! so close to goal :)

Ronnie said...

Awesome on being SO close to goal! Sorry your band is being finicky, maybe the diuretic leeched some of the water from your band as well? Seems a little far-fetched, but ya never know!