Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Sunday

Sunday is open house day. Our real estate agent holds one every Sunday unless we beg off. It gets tiring sometimes to have to clean Saturday night and then do a mad floor clean and bathroom clean Sunday morning. We do not have a single morning a week where we just sleep in and laze about. We did it again today and went...

To our habitual Vietnamese lunch. Grace had the beef noodle soup (I had two slurps of the broth). David had the Thai curry (I had two bites of the sauce). I ordered crab/cream cheese waontons for all of us. I ate two and about died of feeling full. Hence only the bites from the meals I had planned on sharing. I was a tad sad but also really happy that my band seemed to be back to normal in its firm tightness that I like.

Shopping to Ross (local discount store). I tried on 15 dresses for my upcoming valentines day dance. I found one to wear! This really looks better in real life (in the picture I look way more thick in the waist and matronly). I do think I still need a new push-up bra!

plus a suit on the off chance that the job I applied for this week calls me for an interview. Note the single shoe-I bought this gray very cool pair of shoes back when I bought my boots. I have not yet worn them and now have the perfect suit to wear with them only a little problem has developed. One has gone missing. I have looked and cannot find it. Very annoying.

We went over the Bed Bath and Beyond and got some steak knives. The steak last night was such a hit we decided that we needed steak knives to help Grace actually cut her own. We are planning on this dish once a week.

We did some other shopping and buying (big pot for my upcoming birthday party event) and some shoes for David, a sweater for Grace and some clogs too. Instead of eating out (totally what we would have done before) we came home to cook up the planned mizithra and browned butter linguine. It was divine and my lunch time tight band was quite pleasant allowing just short of a cup to slide through.

Tomorrow it is back to the work week slog...I love the weekend.



Rachel said...

I love both outfits...but the green outfit is so flattering, feminine and totally rock it...even with the single shoe.

Nola said...

I love both outfits too!! The suit is perfect for an interview. I hope you find the other shoe.
You look just fantastic!!

Lynda said...

Lookin' good!

Lyla said...

Ross is awesome- you look great!

Justine said...

You look absolutely fantastic in both outfits, but even more so in the suit - it accentuates your figure even more. Would the dress work with a contrasting belt at the waist? Perhaps something red?