Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday is Thinking Day

Thanks for the comments yesterday! I do go back and forth wondering if my band is too tight. Here the problem though-it was not too tight when I was 163 and i made this 168 pound situation. I hate to get an unfill only to need a refill in a few short weeks. I have thought about going back to basics (basically similar to the 5 day pouch test). In the past when I have irritated my band I do a day of soups and liquids then hard core protein first, veg second and carb last (which means no carb because i do not have room). I also had a look at the protein supplements at the grocery store yesterday. This summer I threw out my protein powder (two years old!!) and stopped eating any protein bars. I had really stopped using them but I wonder if I don't need to re-institute some protein laden items to get back on track.

Today I am having soup for lunch followed by a crazy day of school pick up (Grace is back at school and lice free so far), horseback riding, an evening meeting for me and then bunco tonight. I am sure I will be late to at least two of the above events :)



LDswims said...

I'd think a couple of days of liquids would help. Are hormones a factor right now, too? I am just coming off of something very similar myself - and just one day of liquids made all the difference!

tessierose said...

I hate the uncertainty of it all, it's like a crap shoot sometimes trying to decide to fill or not to fill, to unfill or not. Good luck, I'm sure getting back to basics will definitely help.

amandakiska said...

I bought protein shakes at Costco for the first time in months a couple of weeks ago. I don't have one everyday, but if I am low in calories and protein, I'll have one. And I've lost weight so I think between tracking and adding the protein, I'm doing what I need to do.

Sometimes getting back to basics is the answer!