Monday, January 31, 2011

How Do You Set Boundaries?

I miss the long hot days I had last summer. Much of this is my own fault because I fail to say No-but I have yet to figure out how to fit doctor/dentist appointments, babysitting, work, home life and volunteer stuff in a satisfactory way.

Today-babysitting Grandson (we do have a good time), trading off with Cinda to carry on and pick up Grace from school while I go to a dentist appointment and go pick up some papers from work. Then home to do even more work in preparation for a meeting tomorrow.

The week stretching ahead of me is daunting. I would much rather garden or knit at this point. Perhaps I am having a case of post-weekend-itis.

How do you balance your day and commitments?



amandakiska said...

With resentment and passive-aggression?

Just kidding...

I think it is the time of year. I've been feeling sort of blah too. I always over-book my weekends and spend my time doing stuff for my kids, fella, church, etc. If I have a couple of "free" hours, I feel like I can't enjoy them because I have to keep an eye on the clock.

Nella said...

it is definitely the time of year! soon, we will get some HEAT!

THE DASH! said...

Now theres a question? I'm still not sure I do. I do know though, I am a list maker and if its not on paper, its in my head. If I start to think of everything I need to do, I feel overwhelmed and writing it down works for me. Not that I always manage to sort things during the day. I think I have learned to take it a bit slower (haha.. who am I kidding!) xx Sending you some Aussie sunshine.

Read said...

I learned to say no. I think I learned it too well and I'm trying to learn to say yes again. Good luck!

Bunny said...

I am with Read and Cara!

I make lists of things I really want to do and make them a priority. I also have a calendar made on word with a line to a day so that I can put in the commitments I have to do - like being forced to go to my Father in Laws or other horrors! LMFAO!

but yes, "No" features a lot. Because I have the calendar in the kitchen by the phone, if anyone calls with a "Can you..." I can peruse the calendar and not feel so bad at saying no.

Out of our family though, its normally me who wants to be doing something, and them you are tagging along on the mission, so I dont really have to do stuff for them often, and when I do, its Ok.

But also... time of the year. We are all longing for longer days right?