Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back at Goal-Shopping Weekend

I got on the scale this morning and phew...all is well with my goal weight again. I am back int he fold of 164. 164.2 to be exact. We had a lovely lie in then launched out of bed to get the house clean for our weekly real-estate open house. Everyone was in a much more pleasant mood (or was that me?) and we all pitched in like a fine oiled machine to get the job done. I seems to always get the toilets (not so much fun). David took on the kitchen, living room and family room. And Grace did her room with minimal complaints followed by dusting and a general pick up around the rest of the house. Our agent said 14 people came through today (fingers crossed one of them provides us with an offer finally). My newly painted walls are already beginning to show marks (I hate flat paint for that reason) and the clutter is beginning to swell again.

At noon we left to go shopping. Grace had a growth spurt and exited the childrens department in size for womens. She is fast approaching my size now and that worries me a bit for two reasons. She is 9 and I would prefer that she stay in the childrens department as adult sized clothes are difficult sometimes to keep the child-like style that a 9 year old should wear and I don't want my child to crack into my new wardrobe (yup selfish reason on that one). We found quite a few clothes for her at Marshalls. We also went to the Pendleton outlet store yesterday for a few more choices. Grace found a skirt at Pendleton and I found three skirts and another dress for my upcoming dance (I will wait to decide which one as it gets closer). I still need to sort out what shoes I want to wear and get some black hose. At Marshalls I found a pair of denim trouser slacks and a tshirt while grace found several tshirts, some yoga pants, two pairs of leggings and a great liz Claiborne jacket for 10.00. Oh the bargains we found...I will provide some pictures when I can shift my carcass off the couch. :)

Food is still back on target-not hungry and just eating meals wahooooo 163 here I come. I am working really hard at making sure I drink plenty of fluids between meals as I still worry about the water pills.



Something About Kellie said...

Thank you for the award :) and congrats on getting back to that goal weight!

Glad you found yourselves some bargains!

Bunny said...

I love Liz C stuff but its way expensive over here and you have to go to really big apartment stores in shopping centres which get my goat as they charge about £2.50 an hour for parking which sux.

Glad little gracie had a cool time bless her!

x bunny x

Alison said...

Great news about being back at goal, congrats!

amandakiska said...

Oh, Tina...We should talk. My daughter Caelyn, also 9 (until 2/28) is also wearing women's small and size 2 or 3 pants. i bought her some new tee-shirts the other day and I selected the size medium because they looked small to me. I wear a medium. We are very close to the same size.

Which is nuts! She's shorter than me and smaller, but is built a bit like Grace. She's so active - she rides her bike and does dance and plays soccer. I feed the family good, healthy food. I don't restrict her snacks though. I don't want her to feel weird about it. I don't know what the answer is here.

Yea for getting back to 164!

Fingers crossed for an offer!

Ronnie said...

Congrats on being UNDER goal, I'm just now catching up on all the blogs I missed this weekend so I saw your 165 post before this one! :)