Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MAN o MAN I was on a Food Fest Weekend!

We are home and work and drudgery are back in full force. I am extra tight today (good thing) and back on track (finally) after this long run Christmas and beyond eating feast. I ate well over the weekend but got stuck twice. The first was in the car after eating lunch from the local grocery store and the second was after lunch and back in the car on our drive home from Seattle.

Hmm..did you notice a trend and long ago learned (whoops did I forget?) lesson. Do not eat while driving in the CAR!!! yup I didn't learn it and spend a considerable amount of time doubled over a bag unstickifying first a chicken dumpling and some kettle corn and then some lovely cheesy pasta from the Pink Door (yes we followed your recommendation Cozy Coconut and found the place).

So anyway...I just reread the last post and man o man was it all about the food. I did feel like we did a lot of thinking about and eating food this weekend. We did however walk a lot, shop a lot, and look around the Seattle Science Museum. My only purchase was a new coat. it is a ski jacket style sized XL boys! yes..i fit my gained-5-pounds-self into child's clothing. wahhooooo. This is especially sweet given that at my largest weight I wore a size xxl mens. I was greatful for it over the weekend as it had a nice hood when we hit windy and rainy streets along the farmers market.

On the lice front-I have been combing Grace two and three times a day and thought we were in the clear but tonight I found three tiny little suckers with the comb. The comb is so good in fact that David has spent the evening trolling British National Archives using some reference numbers off the comb and is asking them to send him an estimate to get copies of the documents. He is hoping for a set of plans so he can get more made. I am telling you they would be a gold mine in this country as Portland is rampant with lice and the combs available in Oregon are criminal setting up a permanent supply chain of living lice.

so...not my favorite start to a work week but restriction is back on track. Phew...perhaps I can have a visit down in the 160's again.



tessierose said...

Thank you for my gloves!!!! LOVE them, you are a doll! Good luck on the lice front, how horrible that you have to go through that!

amandakiska said...

I missed the lice post. So sorry! My daughters had lice three years ago. We had a couple of rounds before it was all over. I used a flea comb (for dogs) when we were dealing with it. The one I have has metal tines that are very close together (not the crappy plastic ones).

Glad you had a fun trip!

Colls said...

Congrats on the coat, awesome! <3