Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sometimes Super Low-tech Is Better

Last night my mother-in-law checked on her return flight to the UK only to find that they had somehow in the last month messed up her reservation. The airlines story is that they emailed us in november..oh wait no they didn't they called us yesterday..nope we did not receive either message and thankfully we figured it out before showing up at the airport an hour after the changed flight was scheduled to go out. I am especially annoyed because I found and purchased her flights so that she could have a break in Chicago, had an easy trek to the international connection and was the shortest possible total trip time. I paid 200 dollars more for these tickets. What we ended up with was a connection in San Francisco, leaving an hour earlier and arriving three hours later than the other flight. My poor mother in law had to walk at least a mile across the San Francisco airport and go out and then back through security.

We of course found all of this out from a guy on the phone after finally calling him when the computer did not provide any information and it appeared that she had no flight at all to go home on. I think I miss the days when you called a person and received a paper ticket.

Moan two-

I was wearing my freebie pedometer to work again today to see what my half day steps count up to when it went flying off of my belt loop. the battery went one way and the pedometer went another. I wish there was a mechanical one I could get that would not fall apart....some days I love my technology and some days it is just a pain in the rear.



Annie said...

Your poor MIL! Hope she is home and resting soon. What a pain!

RE: pedometers- I have 2 free ones that stink too. I think I may go for a purchase!

Happy New Year!

THE DASH! said...

Nice pick up on the airflights. NOTHING more annoying than sorting the time - parking (ack!!) and getting in there only to find a delay or something.

Like the pedometer idea. I have no idea how much exercise I do lol.