Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Award-but dont let that stop you from more shortbread recipes

I just received the wonderful stylish blogger award from Libby and Amber

I am supposed to list 7 obscure things about about myself and nominate 15 fellow bloggers that I love or have recently discovered.

1. I am compiling a list of shortbread recipes for a bake-off :) Keep the recipes coming. I don't even have to bake them as I am sure I can rope my husband into it.
2. I love fractions..they make me smile and are fun to teach.
3.prints scare me-I now own two dresses made from print-that is huge.
4. I haven't exercised seriously since I fell off my bike...Im skeered.
5. This is the longest I have ever kept up with a journal in any form (the longest other than this is about a week).
6. I get all excited about stuff and launch into it (like knitting, quilting, sewing, home-fix it, wood working,en garding and diets and exercise) but then tire easily and slack off when I either feel like I have mastered the skill or messed up the project I am working on. I think this personality trait is not good some of the time. The band has helped me not grow tired or give up when things got tough because I could always get a fill or change it up and make the pursuit new again.
7. I'm tongue tied. I cannot stick out my tongue or put it on the roof of my mouth. I discovered over Christmas break at the dentists that it can make getting a root canal much more painful.

The award now goes to:

1. Kellie-she is getting a fill today and needs the love.

2. Shannon-She is one of us proud over 300 club who is working her band (there are a bunch of us! and you can work it girl)

3. Cozy Coconut (what is your name?? it is driving me crazy to call you coconut give great restaurant recommendations and whats not to love about coconut!!

4. Amanda at Amanda's Waning-well She lives right down the freeway from me. She is wise and she rides her bike. These are all purely wonderful traits.

5. Caroline at Lonicera-The warmest hearted blogger who decorates her blog with
beautiful pictures. She is also part of my UK peeps!!

6. LindaBecause we are both moms who
want better for our kids.

7. Bunny-cause shes back and not giving up no matter how long it takes!

8. Justine-cause she is banded, is a UK peep, inspired me to multi-blog and likes her crafts.

9. Lyla-cause we both do the higher ed thing.

10. Read-she is really funny and brave enough to say things (that are totally true) that I am too skeered to say. umm...OOk I typed something here and erased it because really it may seem like I pretty much tell all but nope..i do filter..and I wish that I was braver not to. I also know she already got this award but..i am seconding it.

11. Allison She has scale wars and I know them well!! and she is also a UK peep!

12. TessieRose-The 48 blog and pics are everything I hope my 46, 47 and 48 is compared to my 40.

13. Sandie Lee-I hate bra shopping too!!! and thanks for the short bread recipe.

14. JacquieThe short bread recipe you provided was a hit at work today! and I ate wayyy too many. I have read your Journey from pre-band to now and wow you are working it!

15. Last but not least-Cara at the Dash. You have worked the band girl!! and come on..whats not to like about fractions?? :)

Now I am sitting here hoping the acid reflux I am having from the OJ (I thought it would go through faster than food!) will go away before I go horizontal.


THE DASH! said...

OMG you LOVE fractions (shakes head in dismay...) Theres no hope for you lol xxx

Amber said...

Hey, I nominated you for an award. Come check it out on my blog.

Shannon said...

You are so awesome!! The hubs and i are comming to oregon this spring, i am trying to meet up with amanda in portland. We should make it an outing :)

Alison said...

Thank you so much for the award!