Monday, August 2, 2010

What a Difference a Year Makes

So our vacation this year is quite different than ever before. We are sharing a house with friends in a sort of vacation area that by summer is filled with paths, parks, horseback riding, a river etc. Yesterday we rode our bikes for 8 miles, shopped around a little area shopping mall and then went horseback riding. For dinner we drove into the nearby town and had a lovely dinner and then came back home and crashed.

Both of our families was able to keep up and it was absolutely awesome. We are all a bit sore today but a vacation like this was not even in the realm of my thinking a year ago.

Eating has been fine. I did not get a super slammed shut band yesterday but it seems to be on the perfect side. Eating home is much easier than attempting to eat out. We have been eating breakfast in and lunch in so far but dinner we had out both nights. Last night we went out to a yummy swanky place.

I have been craving steak so i ordered a flat iron steak for dinner with a sweet potato and steamed green beans. I had a yummy pre-dinner drink with orange juice and reisling wine with a couple of blackberries floating in it. I skipped the bread (as that before dinner treat has caused me trouble more than once). The steak was SCARY. It was chewy and had quite a bit of connective tissue. I had 4 bites and did my best to chew the crud out of it but the fear got to me so I handed it over to my friend (we were sharing). I had three green beans and about 3 bites of my sweet potato. The kids ordered dessert and I had three bites of the most delicious cheesecake.

Today after a good nights sleep we left the house again and took a long walk (at least 3 miles) and found two geocaches nearby and are now eating lunch in again. Our afternoon plans are to go hike in to a cave and check out a local nature/history museum. I will get some pictures today and upload them.


amandakiska said...

Fun! Have a great vacation!

Angi said...

Hey! We've been trying to do some geocaching too, but have had no success so far on locating any. Not for lack of ability, but they seem to be missing. How many tries before you found your first?