Tuesday, August 31, 2010

32 Freaking Miles....and Boy is My Ass Sore :)

OK we did it....we got on our bikes at 9:08 am and rode our little hearts out for 16 miles. We went up a gentle hill, around a lake and down a little hill and then along lots of flat stuff until the end of the Cottage Grove trail. I got off my bike and on wobbly legs wiggle waggles to the picnic bench where I needed to sit, drink water and stretch my sore shoulders and tight hips (the thighs were like jello but didn't hurt). After I had taxed the ability of the two guys (husband and a my old work colleague who got me started on this bike deal in the first place) to sit still we got back on our bikes..then i stopped them again to have them adjust the seat that Henry (work colleague) said was wrong. It made a HUGE difference to have my seat higher and tilted slightly back. I then cranked along for the long haul back to the truck. We rode..and rode and road. About 4 miles from the truck I got that feeling you get when you have been on a plane, train or bus for too long..you know that feeling that makes you feel like that if you have to stay on the vehicle for another few minutes you are going to lose it and tear the door off the hinges just to get out...well I felt that way about the $#$%@## bike. Henry gave me a pep talk for the last miles telling me that it was these last few hard miles that were giving me the most benefit and helping me to grow my endurance. I still wanted off the @#$!#$ bike but...we did it. At 12:20 and 32 miles total we rode back up to our truck and loaded up the bikes. I found out later that David who pulled ahead of us for that last few miles was feeling the same way only his was all butt pain and he figured if he went fast he could get off the bike faster.

in the end I am super pumped that we did it. That we decided that take our 10 year anniversary trip on something that was about being physically active instead of lounging (we seriously debated going to Hawaii and opted for this instead)...it was a load of fun and I am hoping that I will lose a little of weight, and come out much fitter because of it.

Here is a description of the trail and great pictures of the scenery.


Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

That is awesome! Truthfully, I have to have a granny seat for my fat ass :)

tessierose said...

Wow, that's amazing! I need a bike seat from John Deere!

Stephanie F. said...

I love my bike! Glad you enjoyed your challenging anniversary day!

amandakiska said...

Wow! You are such a stud!

I rode about 10 miles yesterday, but it was nice and flat.

So sorry we couldn't hook up. I feel even worse that I didn't even respond until now. My schedule is insane right now. Soon!