Monday, August 2, 2010

Never Drink and Eat

Man o man....I did it again. I made some home-made reisling and orange juice and had a large glass of it. Yup--it was that tasty. Very much like sangria.

I drank my pre-dinner drink while sitting on the back deck and watching 4 deer munch on various bushes and just sit in the shade for a rest.

So then there was dinner. We barbecued steaks. I made potato salad. There were beets and, tomatoes and cucumbers. Well that was my plan. I ate a small piece of steak (it seemed to go down fine). I ate a went down fine. I ate two tablespoons of potato salad. They all seemed to be fine. Fine that is until the pain started. I @#$@#$# forgot to chew something well enough. I am going to blame it on the wine. I then spent the next 20 minutes writhing in agony in my room trying to eject whatever item I failed to chew out. I ejected all of the food I ate and then some.

Ultimately I have now managed to have a cup of tea with milk for dinner. :(..I might try a yogurt later I guess.


Lonicera said...

What a waste! My greatest cause of 'food grief' is being unable to eat steaks and schnitzels (fried breaded steak). I'm too scared to even try, but I'm sure to do the same as you one day.
How absolutely wonderful to sit having a drink and watching deer!

THE DASH! said...

OUCH OUCH!! Poor you :( I hope at least the coffee stayed down.. all that gorgeous food too. Enough to make you cry.

amandakiska said...

That stinks! So sorry!