Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pre-TOM Tightening and Better Now

Yesterday i stuck to a very careful menu of soft food. Breakfast was a peppermint mocha. Lunch was a bowl of cold pea soup with crab. I had a bit of candy as a snack and a Starbucks peppermint mocha frappachino (my first in what seem like forever). For dinner we tried to go to a local brew pub but when they were full we crossed over to a somewhat scary looking seafood place. It had the BEST food I have ever had. I had thai green curry soup with white fish. In the evening I had a couple of pieces of cheese and popcorn. The food went down fine.

Today I made yet another eating mistake and attempted a couple of breakfast sausages and then later 5 mini rice cakes. The sausages seemed to go OK but the rice cakes did a bit of fighting back but was OK in the end. I skipped lunch. Dinner was a piece of chicken, a bite of my husbands burger (Goodness it was tasty) two rows of corn on the cob, 1 tablespoon of potato salad. A piece of tomato, celery and 2 oz of cheese. Midway through the day I had a slushie and this evening I had a bit of vanilla ice cream with a tablespoon of gooseberry jam (my oh my so tasty).

I figure the out of the blue sticking when I haven't had a problem in ages was probably due to my impending TOM and band tightening. (no this is not an excuse to keep on drinking! :))

So now to the action-Yesterday we did a bit of shopping in Bend (Oregon) and then went on a river rafting trip. It was a whole lot of fun!

Today we biked 10 miles around the resort doing a geocache puzzle with clues. The puzzle maker and cache were very well hidden and written. The only down side is we had to let the ultimate cache stay where it was hidden because of the swarm of mosquitoes swarming around the area. We had all drenched ourselves in deet and I still ended up with 5 bites by the things. 4/5 were on my butt through my bike shorts!!!

There is a scale hidden in one of the closets in the rental house. I got on it and did lose 5 pounds since I got here but...But....BUT...I am not going to count on anything until I get home. This one is an old fashioned spring one not a fancy digital like at home. I did have a thrill when I got on the scale and didn't have the numbers roll up past the highest point. I also did not feel compelled to hang onto whatever surface I could to make myself a little lighter.



THE DASH! said...

Wow you're doing a lot of exercise - I am always in awe of you for that.
The rafting looked fun. Love the look on the little guys face - half terrified half loving it.
Glad to see you're getting good food down. Makes life easier for sure.

Jennifer said...

Rice Cakes are evil but not as evil as TOM! Sounds & looks like you are having LOTS of fun! Geo-caching sounds so cool - too bad about the mosquitoes. Through the cloths and on the butt are bad - but at least it's not on a finger - those are the WORST!

Nella said...

Love the pics...looks like so much fun! The TOM of the month always plays tricks on the band! Enjoy the rest of the vacay!