Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Scale Moved

How cool is it that with the band and copious amounts of exercise that we can actually lose weight on a vacation!!! The vacation is now officially over (we arrived back home last night in time for me to prepare for class and teach this morning).

The stats from the vacation are: I was tight and had to eat carefully. I had a few bits of candy, two small bowls of ice cream and 4 bites of cheesecake during the five days. I had one failed meal attempt and one pb episode. The rest was fairly smooth. each day had at least one active period. Most were very active. We spent two days on our bikes (8 and 10 miles), one day was a 3 mile walk. One day we went rafting and I paddled and on the 4th we shopped and walked around the fairgrounds. Yesterday was a butt in the car and then couch day.

The total official weightloss this morning for the week was 2 pounds. I now have lost a grand total of 127 pounds, gone from obese to overweight. I am 13.5 pounds and 2 bmi points left to be of a normal BMI range.

I am at this minute very hungry. A little voice in my head is whispering...go get a fill quick go get a fill. Another voice is saying...leave it a tad loose and try eating more healthily but with larger volume. Foodwise this morning has not been stellar but it was also kind of hectic. I cannot even call for an appointment until Monday so will see how the rest of today and tomorrow goes and then make up my mind.

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Robin said...

I love being able to lose weight on vacation! Congrats on your loss!