Friday, August 13, 2010

Check-up and 10 pounds to go

I had my annual physical on Thursday. Because I had gone in the week before with my dizzy issues my blood work was already back and the doctor referenced that as we talked about my overall health. She said that my blood work was great. She has agreed to write me a letter stating that asking for my insurance to permit my plastic surgery payment to come from our health spending account and all of the other parts of an annual physical.

While I was there we discussed (in a general sense) her other patients who had had gastric bypass and lapband. At one point she stated that she was concerned that one of her Gastric bypass patients could only eat 6 ounces at a time and she stated she felt like she should be able to eat more. I stated my piece and said that I could only eat 4-6 oz of food at a time but obviously since it took that in order for me to lose weight that I must just have the metabolism that requires it. She said that if I had signs of malnutrition my blood work would show it and it did not.

I think we all just get so caught up in what we think we are supposed to eat in quantity that we forget that everyone is different and eating very small amounts of food may or may not be needed depending on the individual. I think we also forget how much food we are served in restaurants and in packaged foods and have forgotten what a reasonable serving of food is. I know it took quite a bit of readjusting over the past two years to come to terms with the meal sizes I eat now. I am grateful that with the band I was allowed to gradually decrease my meal sizes in order to re accustom myself to the new size. Even now when I am with David and he orders a burger and fries or we are out eating and the enormous portions come I am surprised and how much I used to eat.

I lost another pound today and have hit 130 pounds lost. I will need to get a few bits of new clothes as I think I may have finally popped fully into size 12 (fingers crossed). I now have just 10 left to 'normal' bmi land. My two year Bandiversary is August 21 (the day after my wedding anniversary). I am loving the revised weight-loss run :) I hope I can coast it home to 164.5


Sandy Lee said...

Congratulations! And having the positive blood results is such a bonus. Your doc was right, that if you were malnourished it would show up. So happy for you that you are close to your goal weight. But this isn't the end. Just a start of a new phase.

Barbara said...

Wow.. that is wonderful and congratulations.. I like your life plan and think that I too will take 2 years to lose 100 lbs.. glad you are so healthy and happy

Nella said...

Happy to hear the results were good! So close you can taste it!

Drazil said...

Amazing - 130 lbs - wow! Good for you!