Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dancing In the Streets :) ...wahoooo

Ok this volatile weightloss roller coaster thing is crazy but pretty much in a good way. The weight rebound on yesterday has come off again (in 24 hours flat) and I am now down to an all time low of 171.

I should have had a clue that something was up when I had a starving day yesterday--one long grazing session that ended in a chocolate fest while I played bunco. I think I ingested enough minty m & m's to caffeinate a small island nation. This morning the weight fairy visited and the scale showed 171 wahooooo...Only one pound away from what I weighed in high school....I need to go dig out my high school pictures now I think.

The weird thing is that I am now one size smaller than I was in high school. I wore a size 14 (and sometimes 16)...a few years ago they shifted the size scale one size but now I am wearing size 10/12. I am assuming I have less muscle mass? all the saggy skin is south of where my clothes fit? :)...or they really shifted the sized down by two to make us all feel better than reality?



Lynda said...

You rock!

Band Groupie said...

YAY for a new low...and HS weight...WOW!!!

Colls said...

New lows are great - can't wait for mine! Sending good vibes out for that one pound! <3

Anonymous said...
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Lonicera said...

I'm still laughing about the 'melted candle look'! If you had the extra skin removed you would lose the remaining pounds, wouldn't you? Isn't it about time to do this? In time for Christmas in the UK???

Nola said...

Wow.....that is weight...I can only dream:(