Saturday, August 14, 2010

holy cow....another pound down and Vitamin D?

I lost yet another flipping pound today. I do not think I have lost this quickly since the first week I was banded and on liquids. Obviously some fat God somewhere has seen fit to release me from the plateau I was apparently on after hitting the 180's. Whatever the reason I am one happy camper right now.

We took another trip to Costco yesterday and I found yet another gem item. At our annual physical exams David and I were both told that our vitamin D levels were low. Apparently everyone who lives in the northwest U.S. suffers from it. I would imagine most people in sun deprived areas have trouble with D. I know that mine has been low for years. I am not a good vitamin taker (thankfully my other nutritional data is fine) but since David is not in tip top physical condition (I will inform you more about that when he finishes his battery of tests) I got us both a bottle of liquid D. The doctor told us to take 3000 units a day so all we have to do with this stuff is take 1 tablespoon. I took mine and mixed it with 1 cup of orange juice and it tasted fine. I have not tried it straight up to see if it is good or not.


Linda said...

You go Tina! I hope I'm like you and get out of my 180's plateau soon too.
I just read that most people are vitamin d deprived. I'll have to check out Costco for that.

Jen from Oregon said...

WTG! on the loss!
We are getting close to the Extra Mile store opening up in Aloha. I will let you know if I head up for the soft opening. I think towards the end of the month.
Would love to meet up.