Tuesday, August 24, 2010

EEK-Lost the Plot?

For some unknown reason my restriction left the building and I have had a very hungry few days and have felt compelled to belly flop into one unhealthy snack after another.

On Sunday Grace and I packed up our bikes and took off to my mom's for a quick weekend before I am landlocked at home again. My work schedule for fall term is on Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturday's---thus no family weekends or days to take off to visit my parents. This trip culminated my headlong pitch away from exercise and back into food. I do not know what is going on but I have been starving hungry and craving dessert things like a heat seeking missile. While at my moms I got on her scale and thought to myself--well her scale is wrong (way too heavy)...um not ...I got home and it read one pound heavier. I have put on 7 pounds in a week!

Please cross all of your fingers and toes..knock on all things wooden that this is a water thing and not actual fat--even though I have a small spare tire that has appeared back on my waist as of this morning.

I vow to go back on the straight and arrow immediately by getting on my bike daily and focusing on eating when and what I am supposed to. I will also change my two year appointment (haven't done it yet) to another day and perhaps get that little pinch of a fill.

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