Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hot Hot Hot...Again

We are having a heat wave here at the moment. Saturday-today has had temperatures in the high 90's and 100's. The weather is not nearly as bothersome as it used to be but I am still experiencing a little heat related puffy water retention. I can really feel it in my left ankle. It is funny really because of all of the things that I thought the weight gain would solve for me it was my left leg edema. Don't get me wrong the problem has improved drastically but I still get a bit of swelling and bruising on my left ankle when I travel and like now when the temperatures soar along with the humidity.

Yesterday I bounced back up two pounds to 174 but today I wore my size 10 capri pants. I am doing my best to control the little negative voice in my head that says...ohh you didn't really lose those extra two pounds they are back....and fight back with my other more positive self that says....yes, yest I did lose those two pounds and this is just heat related water weight gain.

I think I have figured out my dizzy problem--caffeine. The week after I got back from Sunriver and had my tremendous weight loss drop I drastically reduced the amount of caffeine I was drinking. The drop in my weight I suspect was due to the huge increase in exercise during our week of vacation. I am going to ramp up the exercise next week again and see if I can get another big drop in two weeks. Stay tuned for the experimental results.


Lynda said...

So glad I was out there last month when it was 90-100 here in ATL. We're still muggy, but at least the temps have finally dropped to the 80's.

Nella said...

We are finally getting a cool down up here in Vancouver...