Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fighting Over Dinner and Four Pounds A Month

For some reason my body has decided its in Australia this week. Instead of being tight in the mornings I am now tight at dinner and then the food is sticking around well into the night and not passing through my band. It all became clear yesterday but has been going on for several days (I was just too distracted to notice apparently).

Yesterday I woke up and immediately wanted breakfast. 1/2 a diet coke and a piece of toast with cheese later I was happily burping down the food in 30 minutes (through the band burping I mean). We then had lunch at 9:30. Grace has swim team at 7:30 and I eat while she is swimming. By 9:30 she was ready for lunch so I had mine with her-yup I was hungry too-I made a small plate of nachos. On a tight band I can eat corn chips but no more than 4. I ate about a cups worth of these chips with refried beans and melted cheese.

We then made a run to the book store and its attached Starbucks for warming up. The sun was out but the air was cool. Grace read her book (man I love that she is old enough for this now) while I played with my nook (maddeningly difficult for me) and we both drank our coffees (yes my daughter drinks coffee and I feel terribly guilty but it is Portland and that is how we do it here).

We then dashed off to horseback riding lessons at 2:30 and then mucked out some stalls and then stopped off at Starbucks again on the way home. I had a $2.00 coupon for a grande frapachino and I couldn't pass it up.

Then home to dinner. I had one beef hotdog chewed to death with mustard and 1/8 cup of fresh garden peas. I loved the hotdog (100% beef Kosher) ...I took my time over it savoring its salty, smoky goodness and it went down fine I thought. I thought wrong.

It sat, I burped, I cleaned house again and gardened a bit and and 9pm friends came over and I mixed up a mojito to sip while we played a game. I got stuck on a f-ing mojito. Not really but that is what it felt like. I suspect that the damnable hotdog was hanging around in my pouch from dinner 2 hours before. at 10pm I had a bit of a pb and then a big old burp and the stupid dog passed through (I thought again). In the middle of the night I had one episode of acid rockets and then another burp and the hotdog finally waved a cheery adieu and left my stomach. forward to this morning. Another pound gone. 180....I last weighed this my senior year of high school. High school graduation to my best recollection. All new lower weights are totally high school territory-wahooooo.

So the dilemma-I think I need a skosh of an unfill but I do not want one. I am going to be a really good girl for the next few days because this might be another weirdo tightening week (have had them a time or two) and I am losing again. If my body has screwed up its time zone I am willing to roll with it. I will make something soft and bland for dinner tonight and keep the main meal to the daylight hours. I am also going try a cup of decaf tea before bed. Perhaps that will clean out my pouch before I go to bed.

Now finally the four pounds bit-for the past few months I seem to have fallen back to losing four pounds. It doesn't seem like much but it is weird how totally spot on it is. I was a little worried I wasn't going to make it this month but lo and behold just before the last week of the month I did a tighten up and blammo the four pounds are achieved right under the wire.

I truly believe that hormones screw with our weightloss and even the band. it is just totally wrong that i can have an obviously not good enough fill for 3 weeks a month and then stand at the edge of too tight disaster for one week and use it to lose 4 pounds only to work the same cycle again the next month. During the first two years of my band I was on birth control (Nuva ring). I think it helped a ton in the band tight arena. I did not fluctuate nearly as much tightness wise and hormone wise. I think I have talked about why im off birth control now..but it is definitely tempting me back.


tessierose said...

It's crazy how the band acts. Last week I was so tight, this week I'm a hungry, hungry, hippo! I think hormones have so much to do with it!

Sandy Lee said...

I'm with you. Managed 4 pounds loss in June and am happy. If I can get the 1 pound/week or 4 pounds a month I will be really happy. It seems to stabilize (me too at 170-180) then wham-I lose 3 or 4 pounds in a few days. The band is cranky too. Wonder if the food spirals backwards (because in Australia water goes down the drain different). I did wonder what you were playing with when you posted "I played with my nook (maddeningly difficult for me)" but will not let my mind wonder right now!

Tina said... is a link to a nook-

I will add it into the post.


THE DASH! said...

Oh, that was your stomach I tripped over yesterday? I wondered how it got here.
You know, I have had a funny band too. Last week I was tight in the eve and not so much in the morning. But then it went back to normal. Strange, isnt it.
Heres to 180. Great news!!

Ashley said...

Totally random, but I bought an iPad and then sold it (needed to pay bills). I got a nook for my birthday instead-- hated it-- couldn't get it to work since I am a mac/iphone person and the touchscreen wasn't big enough--so I took it back and bought an iPad again. lol. but I do LOVE reading on an e-reader :)

Tina said...

I rejected the I-pad because i have had trouble with Apple products (I must be magnetic or something) and because the screen is the same old computer screen I cannot read on outside. I want a reader I can use pool-side and everywhere else in the sun. It is working better now that i actually found a book I wanted to read on no less :)