Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Liquids Day Seems To Have Done the Trick

Taking the day before a holiday to let my tummy have a good rest seems to have been just what I needed. I had a really hard time with liquids around dinner time (I do not know how I even did the few days of liquids I was required to do after surgery!!). I snuck in a couple of corn chips dipped in my soup. I even mixed up another protein shake for dessert but didn't really want it and thew most of it away.

So in total-one skim Peppermint Mocha for breakfast. One Protein smoothy wiht fresh strawberries for lunch. For dinner a bit more than a cup of chicken tortilla soup from the grocery store (We have homemade soups in our local grocery chain) with corn chips floated on top. Finally 1/4 cup of protein shake with strawberries in the evening.

No night time acid no tummy ache today.

As today was U.S. Independence day I had a full line-up of volunteer activities to take part in. Our neighborhood goes a little crazy with Independence day. We have a full on parade (high school marching band, floats, trucks, etc), a pancake breakfast, barbeque lunch, big bake sale at activities a the neighborhood pool and recreation center. Then in the evening there is a huge firework display that draws people from all over the area.

Grace is on swim-team which means that I needed to do my part. I have never really done much before-just the odd float judging. This year David drove his truck with a back end full of swim team members with squirt guns. I walked along side the truck to make sure none of the kids went flying out of the back of the truck and threw candy to the children watching. It was really fun and I was very aware that even a year ago I would have been too tired to easily walk the parade route. I am sure I would have hopped in the truck and let some other more fit parent do the walking.

Immediately after the parade I popped over to the recreation center to do a two hour shift at the bake sale. I ended up on the snow cone machine and sold at least 100 of them over the two hour period. Several other people maned the baked-goods. I will try and get some picture loaded up in the next few days. Not nearly as many as I would have liked though as more often than not I didn't have my camera with me when I wanted to take a particularly good photo.

After the bake-sale I walked home and finished cleaning house because we host most of my friends from outside of the neighborhood and several from inside at a potluck barbecue before the firework display at 10pm. This year we ended up with 11 children and 18 adults. We ate drank and were merry until 9:30 when we all walked up the greenspace to the maine park area where we had staked out tarps for the big firework event. It was as usual spectacular and even as I sit here there are still houses letting off their own fireworks in the neighborhood.

Needless to say I am a little worried about all the left overs hanging about in my fridge. Tonight I know there is a piece of peach pie and home-made ice cream sitting in my freezer but I am holding strong..No more food until tomorrow so I can sleep!!!

Happy U.S. Independence day and to the rest of you :) happy July 4th...haha


Jacquie said...

Well, it certainly sounds like you had a very busy day Missy! Glad it was a good one.

Linda said...

Glad the reflux is doing better. Liquids are so hard for to do - I need to be on them now, but I keep eating an regretting it.