Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Can't Do Boobs :(

I finally got my teaching schedule for Fall term and I have a Saturday class again. This was not a huge surprise but i was hoping that I could call in sick or that the term would not have started on the BOOBS dates. No luck though. Not only do I have class on THE Boobs Saturday but it is the first day of classes. That is not really one any decent math teacher can skip out on.

Sigh....I guess if there is another one I can go :(


THE DASH! said...

Wow - I LOVE your new page. It rocks. And I'm so sad you cant get to BOOBS - me either. Ack. Its very disappointing.

Sandy Lee said...

So sorry you can't make it to Chicago. Next one! And about your last post, I love the Harry Potter analogy, especially the stomach being the Weasley twins. Try some Zantac if the acid gets really bad. I used to use that at night before they fixed my hiatus hernia. I now sleep but occasionally get heart burn if I eat too close to bedtime.

Linda said...

What a bummer!!! We'll miss you, but it's understandable - you're a good teacher.

Drazil said...


I am sobbing now. Blech.