Saturday, July 3, 2010

Damned Acid

Yesterday I was ravenously hungry all day. The weird thing is although I wasn't super tight I wasn't super loose either. Almost before I finished burping through one meal my lower stomach and my brain was screaming at me for more food. Of course being the weak willed person that I am I gave into the screaming more often than not and poured a barrage of sometimes healthy and sometimes not healthy foods down my gullet. Everything was fine until evening when the screaming hungries still didn't stop and I cracked into some cookies. I ate a total of 7 (I have not been able to eat 7 cookies since my first fill). So being the positive self talk girl that I am I proceeded to convince myself that because i was so open eating those cookies at 10pm would have no effect on the acid reflux issues I have been having when I eat at night...NOooooo not THIS time.

Yeah..well as is also quite common I WAS WRONG!!! I slept great until 4am when I woke up coughing and wheezing in a pool of acid. I ran into the bathroom spitting and choking piteously, wishing for some vomit or flu like symptoms but alas no it was a mess of my own making.

After an hour of careful sitting up in bed I laid back down and went back to sleep. My tummy is tender today and I am doing something I have read about often and always curled my lip in derision at....a day of liquids. I have always said no...not liquids. We are supposed to eat real food or the band doesn't work for us if we don't blah blah...well I am afraid I have harmed my poor stomach and esophagus and as an olive branch offering I am swearing off solids today. So far I have had one Starbucks coffee and one protein shake. I licked the spoon off the potato salad I made for tomorrow and that is all. I will probably try for soup for my dinner and then STAY AWAY FROM ALL THINGS FOODY in the evening.

Even the liquids have felt a little painful on my poor tummy. I really think my brain or thermostat or whatever mechanism can possibly tell me I am starving when my pouch is clearly full is fighting like crazy to keep my above 180 pounds. I need to name the evil beast...voldemort perhaps? hmmm but then of course my band should be Harry Potter. My husband just chimed in with an even better name though. Snape-you never know what side he is on. hahaha

Ohh I like this whole Harry Potter analogy.

So from here on my band's name is Snape, and the evil dark lord that makes me want and crave food is Voldemort. I think my port is the Weasley twins (always up to fun and games with a pinch and tickle thrown in for fun).


Linda said...

I am I total Harry Potter geek - so I love it. Do you take anything for acid? I take a daily nexium that my Dr. prescribed and have for months. They made sure I hasn't too tight first and just said I may always need it.

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

Tina, That tiny infill I had (.2) seems to have cured my reflux, but my NP said it was ok to take Zantac as long as flare ups are infrequent . I know you like a tighter restriction than most of us, but Sleeping sitting up, got old really fast. I hope the liquids calm it down.

-Grace- said...

I hope your tummy is better by tomorrow. I love the Harry Potter theme going on! :)

Have a great 4th!

tessierose said...

I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV, LOL...I think you should talk to your doc about Nexium or Prlosec, or something like that, it sounds awful. Hope you feel better soon.