Thursday, July 15, 2010

Food Adventures: Sushimi

I took another food adventure tonight when I voluntarily went to our local Japanese restaurant for dinner. On tonight menu:

Sake Nagiri (salmon on sticky rice)
Hamachi Nagiri (tuna on sticky rice)
Portland roll (cooked crab, cream cheese and cucumber rolled in seaweed and sticky rice.
vegetable tempura
warm sake
ice tea.

The salmon was fibrous and I was a little afraid that it would stick. I think if it had been very thinly sliced I would have been fine with it. I dipped it in soy sauce and it tasted nice. The tuna had a really nice texture and I was not at all worried about it getting stuck but the flavor was much like my adventure eating a raw oyster (tasted like the sea). The Portland Roll was a mixed bag. I still do not like the seaweed but the crab and cucumber were very nice.

The tempura was deep fat fried....everything tastes better with fat right? I like tempura. The green bean and squash tempura were very nice.

The warm saki was excellent (even though David said it was cheap saki and not very good). I found it fairly comparable to a nice smooth vodka and you all should know by now how much I like my vodka. At first the warm scared me a bit but it was really nice.

David now wants to take me to a nicer Japanese place and get more raw things down me. Does anyone have any more foody adventures I should take?


Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

Tina, living on the coast, seafood is a mainstay to our diets. Well, not so much this year due to the PB catastrophe but thats for another post :( I love raw oysters, but we dip them in a mixture of hot sauce, ketchup and horseradish (spicey). Did you have any problems with the sticky rice?

Jennifer said...

You are a brave woman! I've tried sushi one time - can't get past the raw part. I'm a steak and potato girl anyway.
One thing that I've tried & loved since my band: Crab legs. Snow crab, not King crab. I get stuck on King crab but I can eat the HECK out of snow crab. Mmmmmm!!

tessierose said...

I love sushi, both of my favorite sushi restaraunts will make any roll for me with cuccumber and no rice, yummmy!

kagead said...

I love sushi and eat it at least once a week. If the salmon is good quality, very fresh and sliced properly, it should not be fibrous at all. It doesn't look like you tried any yellowtail- that is another mild option you might like to try.

Sashimi is the raw fish without the rice and many bandsters who have problems with rice switch to sashimi or like tessirose suggested, ask to have the rolls made with cucumber instead.

Glad you had a good experience!

Sandy Lee said...

OMG Tina. Can I say you look absolutely skinny.

I love sushi/sashimi and don't have a problem with the raw fish. I have a tray sitting in the fridge right now but don't feel like eating it until tomorrow. Most don't like the thought of "raw" fish but it doesn't really matter anymore. I just think about the good fats I am getting.

And you are looking skinny!

Tina said...

I will try the nicer Japanese place again and see if I can get a nice salmon. We were offered Yellowtailed tuna but it was spendy and we already had a roll. We only had one roll-the rest were raw fish sitting on a shallow layer of sticky rice. I ate a couple of bites of the rice but they were small. The rice wasn't really a problem.

I had more trouble with cold iced-tea before the meal. I think I was so scared to try the raw stuff and then with an iced cold drink my band did a bit of closing up.