Thursday, July 29, 2010

Its Not In My Blood

I just got a call about my blood test results. It is not a surprise that they found nothing. They did note that my iron was low (has been my whole life) and my vitamin D was low (has been for years). I am suppose to start taking a multivitamin and 3000-4000 units of vitamin D every other day. I am sitting in the sun almost every day for hours on end...I have the darkest tan ever and my vitamin D numbers should be awesome!

I hate vitamins...did you know that? This anti-regular mediation thing is a small part of why I chose the band. No required k shots as with Rny, I wanted to get off my high blood pressure meds. I avoid meds except when my neck hurt or my eyes itch then I am so annoyed that i will do anything to get rid of it.

While they had me on the phone she asked that I come in for an annual check up and pap smear. I guess I will be going in for that one when I get back from vacation.

So here is an interesting tidbit-I have now discussed this dizzy thing with two of my daughter who both have lost significant amounts of weight. One of them (my oldest) is having some dizziness issues right now. My other daughter said that when she was getting close to goal that she had was dizzy sometimes too. I find this interesting and since I know that our medical professionals know very little about what those losing weight experience I wonder if a little dizzy now and then is to be expected.

Finally----I took a spin class yesterday followed by participating in the warm up stuff of a basic training session starting. My friend was trying to steer me into joining the gym she has joined. I am a bit sore today but I sure could keep up with them a lot better than I could the last time I did anything in a gym (about 80 pounds ago). Another friend has invited me to do spin at her gym (different than the one from yesterday) in the morning. I am hoping that this extra exercise will kick another pound off my carcass. I weighed in at 179.2 this morning (.4 lower than I have hit so far but I am only allowed to count whole pounds in my scheme). I have also been starving hungry today (probably another sign that I am bottoming out on this fill). I'll try and white-knuckle my way through our vacation and amp up the exercise.


Lynda said...

Glad to know there's nothing seriously wrong. I would be interested to find out if other bloggers have had this dizzy syndrome as they approach goal. Perhaps a poll?

Lap Band Gal said...

Interesting...thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday.