Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Trail Ride

We are off with our bikes in the back of the truck to go with friends on a long trail ride. David baked bread. We will stop for cheese and fruit and carrying drinks. Our friends are bring the wine.

I'll check back in with the backside report. I found out a few days ago that just a few weeks off your bike causes your butt to relapse and the seat pain returns :)


OH the ride was EXCELLENT!! We met a few friends in a grocery store parking lot conveniently located next to a paved bike/walking path called The Fanno Creek Trail. All over the Portland area are paved trails that are bike friendly. This one ran out after 5 miles out and then 5 back. When we got back to the car we decided to take our picnic lunch to another park a few miles away where we could carry it more easily from the car and one that had picnic tables.

There was quite a spread-crab salad, David's bread, cheese, strawberries, cherries, pineapple, olives, sesame chicken, garlic cream cheese and so on. a good sweaty bike ride apparently caused my band to tighten up as all i could manage was a diet coke. About the time everyone was finished with their lunch I managed to get down my drink and then it was time for me to dash off to a lace knitting class I signed up for.

On the drive to the class I ate a 2 inch square of bread crust and one slice of provolone cheese. The class was two hours long and the food did not budge. I didn't feel stuck or the need to PB. It just sat there waiting. Just after class I had an iced coffee and it finally washed the food through.

I wasn't hungry until 8 pm. I had a small bit of dinner and now am having trouble with it sitting like a rock in my stomach. Again I am back to thinking I might need a little unfill. I like the return to weightloss but stuff sitting in my stoma so long is a tad worrisome. What is weirder is that Im not having any problems. I am not going after soft foods, not too many pb's, not sticking. There has been a little difficulty with acid indigestion but other than that not really any trouble.

I'll give it a few days but might have to call in for is interesting that several people are needing little unfills. Is the weather a factor? hmmm I wonder.


Barbara said...

Oh boy.. I have yet to pull the bikes out.. so I give you all of the kudos in the world. I hear you with the bike seat..

THE DASH! said...

I want to ride my bike IF I can stop this darn rain. Sounds like you're having fun.

chicroses said...

God Tina you look sooo good...kind of tempting to get done the lapband..but I just need to do it on my own...since jim is diabetic we really eat different but just go over the edge just a little..he cant give up his cream in his coffee..grrrrrr...but I snitch a something everyday to keep just so I dont loose anything...oh well life goes on...sally

tessierose said...

That scares me to think of food staying too long in the stoma. But, if you're not having's all so darn confusing!