Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pb-Stuck-Slime Definition Discussion

Over at the weight-loss roller-coaster, Sandy Lee posted a discussion about whether it is good to seek pb's, stuck episodes or sliming. I was just going to comment on her blog but I got too long winded and ran out of space. I have put it here instead.

I disagree a little bit...not about the whole tone but about some of the specifics. Maybe different experiences for different people?...

first I define a stuck episode much like you. Pain is the biggest sign. I usually want to vomit but cannot. Usually it takes three or four trips to the kitchen to pop the offending piece of stuck food out. I cannot always tell what will get stuck so this sometimes happens. Very often leftovers are the culprit so I avoid them.

Slime-happens not when I am stuck but when I over-eat. If I eat one or two bites too much the food takes up all of the space in my pouch and esophagus. The natural saliva that is excreted to work the food through then builds up on top of that food and causes me to slime. This is when I use a cup or stand over the sink.

PB-If I eat way too much. Three or more bites too much and I have pushed the food way up to the base of my throat (I can feel it from the inside) there is no room for any spit. When this happens I very often vomit a little bit of food and spit to make room for the rest to digest. This happens more after a new fill and less often when i figure it out.

burping-I was lucky enough to burp while having a flouro and I got to see what was going on. The burp came and the food and flouro that was sitting in my stomach passed through. I agree that it is an air exchange issue from our bottom stomach to our top--but it happens when my top stomach empties or food passes through. When I burp it is a heads up that my stomach is ready for water or is not stuck. These burps can come as a great relief when I have eaten a little too much or been stuck and finally burp through that little bit too much of food or little bit too big of an item. I have even been known to let out an ahhh..thank goodness that passed.

So then-should we look for or desire stuck episodes, sliming or pb's? I guess I like to have them sometimes but not frequently (except the burps..those are good all the time). The reason I like to feel restriction which might mean one of the three. The stuck means that I am trying to eat solid protein but it also might mean I am not chewing enough. if it is the trying then that is good. If it is the not chewing enough that is bad. Sliming or pb means that I am not listening to my body enough and need to stop eating sooner. sliming or pbing once in a while prompts me to re-evaluate how much I am eating.

If any of these are happening every day then I would worry that I am setting myself up to irritate or harm my band causing a cycle of problems. I don't think it is too bad on occasion though.

That is my two-cents anyway


Lonicera said...

Burping does make me feel better, but it's no signal to me of the end of a stuck episode - hiccoughs do that! Those who know me, now pre-empt what I'm going to say "it's OK folks, she's hiccoughing so she's OK"..........

Tina said...

Thats funny and nice at the same time :)