Thursday, July 8, 2010


My goose bumps have finally receded and I am gloriously warm. Ok...maybe it has gone a little too far. It hit 96 yesterday in my car. There is still a pleasant breeze though and I am sitting out on my shady patio with shorts and a tank top on looking at my wrinkly neck reflection in the screen.

Today's topics--Cold and wrinkles.

I have probably said this before but I have really felt cold this summer. This is a foreign thing for me. Always before I was the first girl in shorts and a tank top and the last out of them come October. I was sweaty with a constant sheen of liquid between my boobs. Promptly at 10 every night i would be so itchy and uncomfortable i would shuck the bra and hang around my family room all saggy. Last week I had goose bumps in temps even in the 70's. On the night of the fourth I had to layer on three t-shirts and a wool sweater plus two sweatshirts before I even put a dent in it.

At 96 yesterday I was comfortable in my tank top and shorts. When I got home that evening for the first time all summer I had boob sweat :) onto the wrinkles. I am back down to 180 and have noticed a new crop of wrinkles. My chin is becoming positively crepe-y and I have a new arm fold just at my elbow. Im not sure I want to look 60 years old when I am still 46....Can you tell I am looking for excuses to hold onto the last 15 pounds? I just wish I could trust my mirror image eyes. I know I thought I looked good in the mirror at 300...I don't believe I do yet either. Along with my broken calorie intake thermostat I think my size-o-meter is broken too.


tessierose said...

I think you're way too hard on yourself! And, I'm waiting to be so skinny I get cold when it's in the 90's.

Reddirt Woman said...

I agree with Tessierose... you are being way too hard on yourself. I have had just the opposite problem. I was cold for the first 55-60 years of my life... loved summer because I was warm during that time of the year. Now I'm hot all the time it seems. I can go out to the garden and pull weeds in 50 degree weather and inside of 15 minutes I am way past glowing to sweat dripping off my nose, ears, hair, etc. I swear that even my eyelids sweat. I'd say menopause if I hadn't had a hysterectomy 26 years ago...

Be happy that you are cold... you can always put on more clothes. I can only take off so much before I risk getting arrested.


Anonymous said...
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