Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bike Riders Weekend

Saturday after I got home from my class we loaded up the bikes into the back of the car and drove to the Banks Vernonia bike trail for a ride. This is the coolest trail ever! We started at the Banks end and rode a gentle incline for 4 miles. We went with a neighbor and his two daughter (friends with Grace). They got tired after the 4 miles but I cannot wait to work up to the whole length. Going away from the car it seemed a little difficult at times but did not seem like we were climbing but when we turned around and headed back to the car it was the coolest ride (coasting the whole way) for the whole four miles. If we hadn't been with children (Don't want to show them any bad habits) I would have cranked down the hill back to the car. We had one injury along the way. Graces friend skidded out while crossing a gravel road and skinned up her knee. Thankfully since we were coasting downhill she could just ride without pedaling the mile left back tot he car.

Attempted close up with an cell phone picture.

The park sign and a bit of the trail in the distance.

Starting to load our bikes back into the car.

David taking my front wheel off to fit it into the car.

Knee injury--ouch!

Today we met up with some friends In Vancouver, WA (just across the Columbia river from us. We did a much shorter ride along the river and then through the industrial park. We then packed up and had a picnic lunch East of town.


Jacquie said...

Good for you with all the riding. Is that your knee? You're not kidding, Ouch!

Tina said...

no-one of the kids. She took the gravel road crossing too quickly.


THE DASH! said...

Ouch to your knee and seeing it in all its technicolour glory was enough to make me slow down on my bike. You did great other than that though.. esp all kitted out!

Lonicera said...

Just catching up on your blog having been away for a bit in London. I know virtually nothing about Japanese food, except for tempura, which I agree, is lovely. I had some with sweet potato inside last weekend and I must admit it was wonderful. Wish I could get as interested in cycling. Enjoyed the post. Also enjoying the book you sent - should I return when finished or pass on to someone else, norminated or not by you???

amandakiska said...

Looks fun! I'm riding to work tomorrow and Thursday too. Hopefully I can avoid knee scrapes.

Did I ever tell you that I'm from Vancouver, WA?

I think you commented recently on my blog about getting so many followers. I follow a lot of blogs and the first time I comment, I usually post my blog address so they usually follow me back. I can't stay on top of all the updates though. I'm doing good to post a couple of times a week and read updates during work breaks.