Monday, July 26, 2010

Visit to My 'Regular' Doctor

I have been having some minor issues with dizzyness during the past week or so. I decided that since we are going on vacation next week that I should get in and get it checked out. I called the doctor and (I love my doctor)...she got me in on the same day. The last time I saw her was last summer for my yearly check-up.

I went in with the physicians assistant and she put me on the scale and then did her ritual of reading my chart to decide where to start putting the weights. I stopped her and that weight probably wont work as I have lost quite a bit since I was in here last time. She said..."you know you have to pay me 10 dollars for every pound you are off". I told her...sure. I said 180 she weighed me at 181. It was all a joke of course but she was quite impressed that I got it that close.

I then waited for my doctor come in and she was totally excited at the 125 pounds lost. She said that her best patient besides me had only lost 30...yup you read it...30 pounds. She said that she had even stopped recommending the band to her patients because of it. I told her about my theory that part of the problem is that our surgeons treat us for the quick in and out physical stuff but there is way more to this band thing that needs to be studied (like all of the stuff in between fills and all of the stuff we hash out online).

Anyway we then played the whole show and tell stuff...she felt me out (my port that is) and asked me if it hurt. then she asked to see my skin....I showed her my saggy belly and legs and batwings. She said that she would totally support anything she could to help me get some plastic surgery as it is reasonable to not have to deal with it and if her support would help with insurance or allowing use of our medical spending account she is willing to give it.

She then addressed the dizzy thing. I get dizzy when I stand up from a sitting position. She had me do it in the office and sure enough I had to lean against the counter for a minute to re-orient. She then had me close my eyes and put my arms up and see if I swayed and then follow her finger without my glasses on (I told her it would be easier if I could see her fingers...I really am blind as a bat!).

She did some blood work and is going to get back to me. The possible list is: anemia, electrolytes or just need new glasses :)....or worst of all...some dizzy thing that no ones knows the reason for...I will keep you posted.

Off topic note to Lynda and other English-phobes.

when Lynda was here we talked about typos and punctuation when we write our blogs. I have always worried about my typo habit on here but now I am even more sensitive..its totally not your fault Lynda...Im just obsessing o man do I not have a ton of pauses in the post above? I like the three dot thing but sometimes...I just feel like a stream of consciousness can only be conveyed fully by including them :)...happy Monday!


Fiona said...

Well done on 125lbs! I wouldn't worry about the pauses as long as you get your point accross. It's not like there is going to be a test or anything lol

Dinnerland said...

Wow-- amazing progress. Good for you!
As for dizzy, she must have taken your blood pressure, right? Because what you've described sounds like positional hypotention--and it is not all that uncommon. Perhaps could be a result of weight loss. Basically: when you go from seated or lying position to standing-- your blood pressure makes a precipitous drop and BLAM-- you feel sick and dizzy until your body can pump the blood that has pooled back up from your feet.
Try this: pump your ankles and knees and bend and straighten your legs before getting up from seating or lying down. With this- get up SLOWLY and see if it helps.
Of course: Google is your friend, search this condition and see if it sounds like you!

Lynda said...

You know I'm a big fan of the ellipses (...). Keep 'em coming!

I'll keep my fingers crossed that your dizziness is caused by something easy to fix. The first thought I had was blood pressure & dehydration. My Dad had a similar problem a couple of years ago. He was dehydrated and it was causing his blood pressure to take a sudden drop whenever he stood up.

Jennifer said...

Keep us posted, I'm on the edge of my seat. I was thinking dehydration because I was having dizzy spells awhile back from it & I remember you were experiencing it back then too. I'll be sending you good results vibes. Hugs to you! Please read my blog with one eye shut as I love the ...'s & I'm SURE I'm guilty of a lot of grammatical errors!

Colls said...

You are doing fantastic, it must be so great to walk into your doctor's office with such a huge loss! Way to be a role model for her patients!

Um, also - awesome that she is willing to help out with the insurance/cost of an ps that is necessary, so cool! <3

amandakiska said...

I love elipses & exclamation points!

I hope your dizziness resolves itself. That is no fun.

Sad that your doc is no longer recommending the lap-band. I think you are correct in that it requires more support than most people receive from their surgeon. Blogging has been really, really amazing for me.

tessierose said...

I hope you get it resolved quickly. BTW, you're a rock star!

Lonicera said...

What greater accolade than to receive praise for weightloss from your doctor! All mine will say is that she'll put me one one type of insulin (instead of two different ones, which means I'm pricking my skin twice as much as I need to) when I've lost another 15 pounds....Aaargh.

Have finished the Ali book and have enjoyed it, and learned a thing or two. Maybe I'll blog about it - I know I'm due for a post but haven't felt very inspired.


Nola said...

I do the three dot thing all the time! It just does what one solitary full stop does not:) Well done on your loss...fantastic! I hope the dizziness is nothing to worry too much about.

Allan said...

Very impressed with your success...