Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meeting and Drinking With Lynda.

Lynda from This Time Next Year Visited Portland this week. Since she was available to hang out and I am always happy to take a day off of work and parenting for fun and drink she and I spent Tuesday afternoon shopping around the pearl district and Wednesday afternoon doing a bit of wine tasting. Here are the pictures!

Waiting for our sushi late afternoon lunch in Portland. This sushi was better than my first try and isn't her hat cute? She found it while we were shopping. Lynda has a great soft southern accent and is easy to visit with..heck we got along so well that we hardly even talked 'band' during the whole two days.

At the David Hill Winery in Forest Grove. I spent way too much buying wine here and later at the Montinore Winery. Lynda knows her stuff :)..She knows way more about wine than I do and I gratefully sucked all of the knowledge i could from her.

Grapes on the vine at David Hill Winery The vineyards stretch far out into the distance. They were lovely.

Lynda and then I with our arm around one of the very realistic murals at the MacMenamins Grand Lodge hotel in Forest Grove. Washington and Oregon have several hotels and restaurants run by McMenanamins. They brew beer and some spirits. Most of their locations are converted historic buildings. This one is an old Masonic lodge that they restored and filled with artsy murals and art relating to the town, period and buildings.

Hanging out with Lynda was a blast. Despite the fact that I drive into Forest Grove daily I had never gone to either of the wineries or to the Grand Lodge before. Lynda gave me a little summer stay-cation opportunity by coming. Thanks Lynda!! :)


Jacquie said...

Glad you had a wonderful visit. Isn't it great to meet fellow bandsters? I had dinner with Stephanie of Dreams of Skinny High Heels tonight and we had a great time!

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

You guys look great and I adore Portland! I have actually been to a McMenanamins! Very cool place!

Linda said...

What fun - I love blogger meet ups.

THE DASH! said...

Lucky girls! I love meeting other bloggers - and there seems to be a bit of it going around lol. Jacquie and Stephanie got together too.

Drazil said...

Aww - how nice!