Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Calmish Night

Last night was much better. I was finished by dinner at 7 and had two corn chips at 8. After that I worried all evening as I think dinner (a rerun from last night) was not settling very well. I took two tums before I went to bed and I didn't have any trouble last night.

I think it is the beef stew I made with whole tomatoes and peppers. I will for sure watch it though as I think acid reflux seems to be the big warning sign when things are going to take a turn to the bad. I do not want an unfill if I can help it.

My scale registered at 181.0 this morning (I was hoping for another drop into the 180 or even 170's zone. It still gives me a surge of joy every time I get on the scale and it moves down (even if it is just ounces).

I have read a bit about people trading one obsession for another after they lose weight. Now I was never obsessed by food and I have altered my life away from so much work and towards more leisure time but....I have noticed I am shopping a lot more than I used to. I am gong to have to keep a lid on it and monitor things I think. One of the things I notice is that because I have so much more energy after this weightloss I am no longer happy to sit and watch TV all evening. I am trying to find things to keep me occupied (including cleaning house) but it is a new oddity that I didn't really think about before losing weight.

Last night i burned up some of the energy with another round of bathroom cleaning to get ready for our Independence day party this Sunday. I also cleaned my sewing room and sat down to work on a make up bag for one of my daughters. When I looked at all of the stuff I have accumulated in my sewing room I decided that it was time I finished things already started instead of getting stuff for new projects.


Nella said...

Oooooh I am loving my new body and SHOPPING! Have fun!

Sandy Lee said...

Your SOB story is such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing and for showing us the way. Yeah for you, Dr. Tina!

THE DASH! said...

I am so glad you're feeling better - I was worried for you.
And yeah: I am with you on the shopping. MOTH has actually started to complain a little, something he doesn't often do. Theres no stopping me now - and I don't want to (but probably will have to! lol.)

Lynda said...

I just read your SOB story and decided to come on over. I will be in Portland in a couple of weeks--it's my first trip to the Pacific NW. Thanks for being such an inspiration to us newbies (I had the surgery just 3 weeks ago) and sharing your story.