Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just to spice it up a little-tat pic.

While trying to get a decent 'after' pic I snapped this of my tattoo.

My tummy is better but not happy yet. I can just barely make it in time instead of having a few misses as was happening yesterday. I had a little preview of what my old age will look like. Thank goodness one of my children is training to be a nurse. The other two had better be earning a good living to pay Cinda for her services :)...

The good news is the whole tummy thing helped me get another pound off my carcass. Hopefully it won't come back on with fluids after.


Anonymous said...
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THE DASH! said...

Did you understand the above comment lol? Far out.
Cool tat - love the genie bottle (is that what it is? Call me blond if I have that wrong.)
Hope your tum sorts soon. Having a few issues with tightness myself. Very strange.

Lonicera said...

What a cute tattoo! When can we see the rest??

Tina said...

I don't read the ones that come in in Chinese, Japanese or Korean anymore..Usually it is porn. Was it? I used to go over and translate them on babelfish but have given up as It has never been anything put porn.

The tummy stuff is still improving and yes it is a lamp as in Genie and is a bit peachy colored for my liking but i don't think a really metallic gold exists in tattoo-land.