Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Computer Woes and A New Swimsuit

My first computer died on Sunday and I barely managed to get some of my most important work files transferred over to my new one and it crashed!! The darned monitor broke and I could not see anything. Most of the day I spent trying to get it to start (start, restart, pull out the battery try again....) I then decided to give up and go with a friend to shop for a swimsuit. While we were gone I left the computer with her kind husband to fiddle with while mine was at work and too busy to address my needs :)..

I found an acceptable swimsuit. I don't think I will ever be 100% happy with something that either exposes my boobs, stomach or wrinkly legs and have never been 100% happy with any swimsuit. My suit shopping mantra was...quit worry about your legs/boobs/stomach. Believe me when you were at the pool before the band people were not looking at those body parts when you hauled your very large self into the water.

I ended up with a one piece wrap suit that has a bright bamboo leaf pattern with a navy blue background. I compromised boob coverage (meaning I now have that) for leg exposure(meaning the wrinkly puppies will be exposed) and hope to find a sarang to help cover things while I am at least sitting pool side.

Overall shopping for new swimsuit was not the traumatic experience it once used to be. I probably tried on 50 suits and when I was done I had 4 to choose from. I found two potential tankini type and two wrap style one piece suits. The one pieces gave me the best lift (my poor boobs are deflated balloons but still bigger than the model swimsuit wearer apparently). I tried halter style (boobs spilled out the sdies, band-style (boobs went like a spare tire), racer back (better but escaping flesh). The skirt bottom was nice but without a great top really didn't help me. The racer back style were the two in the maybe pile.

Has anyone found the perfect balance swimsuit? How about suits for the girls with big saggy boobs?


Roo said...

I have put off cozzie shopping, but do need to get one. Still can't get the plus size ones in Dubai. However, my old cozzie from last year is fitting loose but okay, but I know as soon as it gets wet it will sag down around my knees (along with my boobs because the cups are to big!)

Debi said...

Sorry Tina! But I can't find a bathing suit that fits me well at all!! Luckily, I only go swimming in our pool, so very few people see me in it! But I too have the same problems as you with how suits fit!

Sorry to hear about your computer! Hope your friends hubby got it fixed for you.

DB said...

I hate swimsuits!!! But I am going to the beach soon & bought a new one on Sunday.

玉龍玉龍 said...
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