Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Mall Stays Open on Sundays in Mexico City

My hotel is across the street from a monstrous shopping mall. I will go over tomorrow or the next day to have a look. The traffic is heavy and the mall is packed even though it is 8pm on Sunday.

I am super sleepy and navigating food on a plane was tiresome. Wayy too many carbs pushed at you and not nearly enough protein. I brought along some protein bars in case i get in a pinch.

I found out that my food is included in the hotel bill here. I am being hosted by the conference University where I am giving my presentation. I came expecting to have to buy my food and they told me at the desk. For 900 pesos I have unlimited food and non-alcoholic drinks plus my room for 3 nights. I think that is pretty inexpensive but I have not fully explored the exchange rate. It is going to be a fairly good deal for them food-wise as I don't eat hardly anything anymore. I ate my other half of a sandwich from lunch for dinner so today will be no food.

A driver picked me up at the airport (I felt quite fancy to get a driver holding a sign with my name on it). A bit of a problem though. He drove me to he wrong hotel and left me!!! When the clerk figured it out she got me a new taxi that cost 100 pesos (it was really 70 but I had no change) to go 5 minutes by car down the road. The sidewalk situation is not too good so I went the expensive route. Again because I didn't check the exchange rate I have no clue how much money 100 pesos is.

There is a two hour time difference here so I need to go to sleep earlier. The good news is that I am toast from waking up so early this morning. My wake up van arrives at 8:30 am and my talk is at 9am. (keep good thoughts that I do not make a fool of myself)...thinking forget to put my pants on kind of stuff here :) haha


Linda said...

Good luck tomorrow! You'll do great!

Drazil said...

Ah yah - GO TO THE MALL!

Andrea said...

Have a great time!

1 peso is about 8 cents - so 100 pesos is only $8. Not too bad. :)

THE DASH! said...

Ack. Is it scary navigating a new country? I would be a little intimidated. Sounds like its going to be great though.. would love to get to Mexico one day.

Lonicera said...

Good that the presentation is over with early, and you can just relax. Tell us how it went??

Justine said...

Hope all goes well for you!
I've only just got round to reading back over your posts from the last month or so and I just wanted to say how fantastic, fabulous and inspirational the comparison photos are that you posted for your 300th post!

Sandy Lee said...

Hope you have loads of fun (I'm sure it is major hot there right now). I did the conversion and 100 MXN Pesos is 7.97590 USD. So you will have to do the math for 900 Pesos.